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Director  Ilshat Saetov
Russian Federation
Runtime 13:19
Completion Date:March 20, 2020

A young woman tries comply with life after significant loss.

The Bird.jpg

The Bird

Director Nata Korneyeva
Russian Federation
Runtime 3:56
Completion Date:February 21, 2020

Maria difficulty communicates with the opposite sex, and she is trying to forget herself in an unusual and rare hobby...




Director Valentina Letti
Russian Federation
Runtime 6:49
Completion Date:

An old dollmaker has a fabulous house, where living dolls dwell. Their days are exactly the same. But everything changes when one of the dolls finds a golden flower.



Director Kathrin Schweizer
Runtime 8:21
Completion Date:September 23, 2019

Detached from time and space a man loses himself in the underwater world of his bathroom. He is haunted by the stereotypical image of the female muse. Overwhelmed with his confusion his whole world blows up in flames and he discovers a new approach to sexuality within himself. He decides to leave his dream world in order to create a new one.



Director Holger Rada
Runtime 8:21
Completion Date:September 17, 2019

Kimberly is an animated documentary. The movie is about a young woman suffering from depression. The film is based on her diary entries. Kimberly writes about lack of drive, lack of self-esteem, her agonizing loneliness and the feeling of being understood by no one.


All that's left.jpg

All that's left

Director Salvaire Hugo
Runtime 24:30
Completion Date:June 30, 2019

Henri returns to see his family after a long absence to visit his mother admitted in a psychiatric clinic. Despite his anxieties, unconsciously transmitted by his mother, Henri decides to get her out of the hospital and take care of her ...


All I ever wanted.jpg

All I ever wanted

Director Atir Singer
Runtime 6:00
Completion Date:

Shortly after Trump became the president of the United States, an anti-Semitic massive wave swept through the country, and was the biggest anti-semtic crime wave in the last 40 years in america. Every day, for several months after the election, thousands of Jewish community centers were evacuated due to “bomb threats”. The term "Bomb Threat" was probably the main issue in every news channel in America at that time.

This short film is my attempt to interview the man behind those "Bomb Threats", who mainly known in Israel as "The Hacker from Ashkelon".

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