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Tell Me About Tomorrow.jpg

Tell Me About Tomorrow

Director  Igor Zuikov
Russian Federation
Runtime 16:00
Completion Date:

Robert, who lost his parents in the accident, can't forget that day he remained alone. He feels how he is trapped inside the car again and again and his therapist Max is trying to help him to concure his inner demons.


Mr. Advocate.jpg

Mr. Advocate

Director  Irina Mardar
Russian Federation
Runtime 29:10
Completion Date:July 20, 2019

Hot dog seller Gosha, who was recently fired, is lucky enough to be on the set shooting a crowd scene, where he is noticed by a producer named Arthur and offered, on a paid basis, to depict a lawyer in front of his partner, with whom they share business. Gosha gladly agrees and finds himself in a luxurious country mansion, where Arthur's wife, his business partner and his wife are waiting for him. After learning that Gosha is a famous lawyer, everybody begins to offer him money so that Gosha helps to share the business on the most favorable terms for him... Former hot dog seller tries to refuse, but the temptation is overwhelming, he loses his head and starts bargaining behind Arthur’s back, asks to increase the fee and make an advance payment right away…

Hey, Gray.jpg

Hey, Gray

Director Nikita Khozyainov
Russian Federation
Runtime 13:59
Completion Date:April 25, 2020

At death’s door, a thriving businessman meets his old dog Grey, which he heartlessly threw out on the street many years ago…


Petition 1001.jpg

Petition 1001

Director Anastasia Pastori
Russian Federation
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:April 25, 2020

Angel Vlad is the top employee of the heavenly office’s department of soul saving. On his birthday, he becomes a human and rescues a girl, out of habit. Will he learn what it is to truly be a human?


The Station.jpg

The Station

Director Tamara Stepanian
Russian Federation
Runtime 7:53
Completion Date:August 31, 2019

Man’s path in the eternal cycle is shown as a short walk. During that walk he gains experience, unites it with what he came with and tries to do from it something useful for others.


Focus Group.jpg

Focus Group

Director Alexey Karpov
Russian Federation
Runtime 5:55
Completion Date:August 31, 2019

It was just a focus group for the discussion of the commercial. One of them brought a bomb.


Palekh - Back on the map.jpg

Palekh - Back on the map

Director Alexander Abramov
Russian Federation
Runtime 22:38
Completion Date:

The small village of Palekh is a typical Russian province. Accept for one detail. Every tenth resident here is a painter. For locals the unique art of lacquer miniature used to be their bread and their fame. Times have changed. However, the spirit of creativity still inhabits this remote place.




Director Nadya Malahova
Russian Federation
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:

A creative journalist has been unsuccessfully trying to publish his articles in an editorial office where he works. Every times he gets regected, which forces him to compromise and sacrifice his ideas. Because of this he feels like a fish in an aquarium. Acutely worried about his failures, he starts getting rid of his own aquarium fish…


The Romance Unsung.jpg

The Romance Unsung

Director Alexey Pervov
Russian Federation
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:

Ignat Damianov, tenor, a rising star of Bolshoi Opera does not suspect that an argue with his wife on their way to the concert can ruin their future plans.


Faina and cats.jpg

Faina and cats

Director Aleksei Salomatov
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:34:19
Completion Date: December 2, 2019

The film is about a pensioner from a small town in the Ivanovo region, Russia, a former teacher of Russian language and literature, which feeds homeless cats daily.
A pupil of the orphanage, she talks about her childhood and youth, family, work as a teacher in Kamchatka, shows photographs and documents, reflects on life.

Saviour Angel.jpg

Saviour Angel

Director Irina Gedrovich
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:31:03
Completion Date:May 1, 2019

“Saviour Angel” is based on real events of 1950s. The main character is Zinaida Uvarova that works as a typist in Court. She has a son, her husband died at war. Zinaida falls in love with Alexey Levitskiy, a lawyer, who selflessly and fearlessly protects workers. Alexey's courage annoys many people. One of his enemy writes a denunciation on Levitsky. At that time is was enough for a person to get 10 years of labour camps.
Zinaida Uvarova decides to follow Alexey.



Russian Federation
Runtime 02:11:00
Completion Date:September 1, 2019

This film is based on a true story. The real participants of this true story have kindly agreed to perform their parts and take part in the shooting. The film is divided into two distinct stories with the same setting: the back-stage of the Moscow Operetta theater with the Can-Can metaphor (or cancan as in the original French) which is a high-energy and physically demanding dance. Human relationships, betrayals, and the relationship between parents and children are the same common denominator found in the two parts of the film.




Director Vitaliy Kapitonov
Russian Federation
Runtime 59:00
Completion Date:April 28, 2019

Four novels, five characters. They decide to move to a suburb of Saint-Petersburg. Every day they do uncommon for a city dweller things considering it’s the only way to be themselves.


Soldier boy.jpg

Soldier boy

Director Victoria Fanasyutina
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:26:00
Completion Date:February 22, 2019

«Soldier Boy» is based on real-life events. It is dedicated to Serezha Aleshkov (1936). He didn't have the real weapon and never shot, but at the age of six this boy was awarded a medal «For military merit». He lost all the relatives, hе got to the front in the army. The smallest hero of the Warld War II had the serious front destiny, but even at the war the boy of six remains just the child and his main task is to find mom and dad …



Director Vadim Dubrovitskiy
Russian Federation
Runtime 02:13:00
Completion Date: October 1, 2019

Alina is a five years old girl, whose mother has gone down with a terrible illness. The girl's father decides that Alina should live with his sister to avoid exposing the girl to her mother's suffering. Irma - Alina's aunt - has three children. Two of them are the same age as Alina. Living in Irma's house proves to be quite a challenge for the little girl.

Good Girls Don't Get Beaten.jpg

Good Girls Don't Get Beaten

Director Halina Adamovich
Runtime 52:00
Completion Date: November 11, 2019

Excessive use of force in self-defense is among the most wide-spread reasons why women are put in prison.
Over 140 countries of the world have laws against domestic violence. There’s no such law in the Republic of Belarus.


Black Oil Painting


Director Roman Nesterenko
Russian Federation
Runtime 02:05:00
Completion Date: May 19, 2019

Military historical drama about the main doctor of Simferopol psychiatric hospital Naum Balaban and his wife Elizabeth Balaban - Nelidova. The film covers the period of life of the characters from 1910 to 1942. They had a lot of trials during Stalin's repressions and during the great Patriotic war. Saving people was their main mission. Being under the German occupation, they saved most of their patients, did not leave the rest and shared with them their tragic fate.The film is based on real events.

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