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The old man was dreaming about the lions

The old man was dreaming about the lions

Directors  Hyoyoung  Jung  Mujin Jung  Youngdon Jung  
South Korea
Runtime 19:00
Completion Date:July-2020

The work tells stories of the dwelling of three generations. The video, composed of three main scenes of virtual landscapes, carving a spherical object and skating, unfolds like a decalcomania. Each scene develops with a long interval, revolving around the dwelling of three generations. These stories ask a fundamental question of life, seeing the world where we live itself from a virtual perspective in accordance with the acts of carving a sphere, running on the ice and making a way in life. It presents different ways of life of different generations living in the present time in diverse ways, together with a blend of a language of narration and sounds generated from the image itself.

Anagnorisis (The promise).jpg

Anagnorisis (The promise)

Director  Arturo Dueñas
Runtime 14:00
Completion Date: Mar-2018

"Anagnórisis (from the ancient Greek ἀναγνώρισις, "recognition"): a discovery of essential information that a character makes about himself, his beloved ones or his environment, hidden for him until that moment." A new doctor has just arrived at a nursing home, where he meets a patient tormented by a past which he cannot remember.



Director  Doménec Boronat
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:March,2020

After learning the news of the disappearance of a child dragged by the waters in the floods of Majorca on October 9, 2018, the author, with the help of a domestic camera, reflects on the emotional ties between director and his children.




Director Adhip Iyer
Runtime 23:57
Completion Date:

A 12 year old boy struggles with bullying at school.

Yes, I do.jpg

Yes, I do

Director María Isabel Lahuerta Bellido
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:Jan-2020

This story takes place in the 60s, in which women had to keep up appearances and suffer in silence the abuses of power and the macho society of those years.
Valentina since her adolescence has been abused by the owner of the house where her mother works as a maid, assuming and consenting for a long time a situation of submission and injustice.


Father Is Number Two.jpg

Father Is Number Two

Director  Seonggyu Kim
South Korea
Runtime 13:00
Completion Date:May-2020

The intention of directing : President Park Geunhye, Choi Soonsil, Three doorknobs and so on. It is a story about a family by making a satire of what happened in the oval office.


The submariner.png

The submariner

Director Alexander Nazarov
Russian Federation
Runtime 14:59
Completion Date:July 1, 2019

Victor, the captain of the submarine, suddenly returns home after many years. His family is shocked by his unexpected return, besides, Victor looks more like a con just out of the jail, than like an officer. Victor discovers that his wife has a new husband, and his children have a new dad. Не is trying to return his family, in despite of distrust of his wife and children and the opposition of the new husband. Whom will the family believe? Unexpected father, who left the family for the official duty, or stepfather - a reliable guy, who loves his wife and has been raising children as relatives for 5 years?

Cup of Tea makes a difference.jpg

Cup of Tea makes a difference

Director Sumant Velankar
Runtime 5:28
Completion Date:November 30, 2019

It's not about a cup of tea alone!

It's about the love and respect we show through our actions towards people who support and work in our homes doing mundane tasks.
Feed them well. Treat them right!
They are, and should be treated like family.

A Day.png

A Day

Director Dana Levy
Runtime 8:54
Completion Date:January 10, 2020

Two lost souls meet because of a wrong number


Nightmare in Paradise.jpg

Nightmare in Paradise

Director Robert Kirk
United States
Runtime 9:16
Completion Date:January 26, 2020

“Nightmare in Paradise” is a short film about an emigre from Kansas named Willard Thaddeus Fillmore who has a nightmare about trying to run a business in California. Things go from bad to worse when a Wazeri Immigrant Transgender cross-dresser shows up for a job interview. Willard’s nightmare is based on actual California law.


Can You See Me.jpg

Can You See Me

Director Alex Cherney
United States
Runtime 4:45
Completion Date:

Claire and Rich meet in a cafe. The two have a bit in common- Claire is an actor (she prefers the term actor over actress) and Rich is a cinematographer. Rich claims he can help Claire with her career- and he does. He gives her some advice, takes a look at her reel. He’s been in the industry for years. Claire feels comfortable in front of this person who seems nice, and sure of himself. When it comes time to go to Rich’s apartment to take some new headshots, Claire isn’t sure. Hearing a no when he wanted a yes, Rich decides to push things too far. In this film, we take a look at how abuse of power can occur, and how society reacts when they see this happen before their eyes.

Eternal Silences - Infinite Spaces.jpg

Eternal Silences - Infinite Spaces

Director Ben Correa
Runtime 11:17
Completion Date:October 27, 2019

The tale of a metaphysical encounter, ephemeral fusion of two beings, echo of one’s consciousness in the universe.




Director Lena Ditte Nissen
Runtime 17:00
Completion Date:February 1, 2020

THERE IS circles around artist and filmmaker Margaret Raspé, her position in the world and the automatisms, that play an important role in her work.

Margaret Raspé is a pioneer of German feminist experimental film and her films and artworks have gotten renewed attention in the last years with a retrospective at cinema Arsenale in Berlin and the inclusion of her film "Let them swing" in Berlinale 2019. Her work is archived by the Deutsche Kinemathek.

Noises and silences.jpg

Noises and silences

Director Julia Deak
Runtime 14:07
Completion Date:

Climate change is not the only thing that poses a threat to the world. The human climate seens also to be changing in an alarming way. This can be felt by the more sensitive among us. All the more so, if they have lived trough such things already.


Beyond Staffing.jpg

Beyond Staffing

Director Paul Russell
Runtime 11:47
Completion Date:August 31, 2019

When Mindy Kelly wakes up in the weirdest recruitment consultancy she's ever seen, she doesn't realise exactly how weird things really are, nor how life changing her next decision will be.




Director Anna Shapiro
Russian Federation
Runtime 13:00
Completion Date:December 26, 2019

А friendship story of a father and his teenage daughter.

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