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The Fast Family Paul Walker Birthday Cru

The Fast Family: Paul Walker Birthday Cruze 2019

Director  Jamon Holmes
United States
Runtime 3:12
Completion Date:April 25, 2020

This is an experimental film about a new annual event run by a group of car enthusiast that takes place in Southern California, starting from Rialto, Ca to Neptunes Net in Malibu, Ca. During the cruze are stops at the Toretto Store, the Toretto house, Paul Walkers Grave, and Neptunes Net.


Weary Waves.jpg

Weary Waves

Director Sibi Sekar
Runtime 17:27
Completion Date:March 8, 2020

An image flows downstream to synchronise with another image. The film develops a pensive and meditative experience by adapting the paintings of J. M. W. Turner to a moving image, and transforming it into an unnaturally-balanced, mirror image. The film shares similar traits to the works of Yang Yongliang, a contemporary Chinese artist.

Through superimposition of two moving images shot simultaneously, a slowed-down, long static shot of a riverscape, and a long zoom out from the stream to the same riverscape, the film begins in chaos and journeys towards harmony.



Runtime 6:00
Completion Date:2019 - November

Update, memory is an art action, a performance in berlin. The film shows the superficiality. A memory in the individual does not or hardly ever take place. The visible memory in Rome of the actors walking along the busy Kurfürstadamm in berlin hardly attracts attention. The present is saturated with images and events. In this sense the performance is a reminder of memory.

A Surprise.jpg

A Surprise

Director Kumara Raja
United Kingdom
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date:July 21, 2019

An experimental, fictional drama genre with a bit of thriller

War Save Me.jpg

War Save Me

Director Jelmer Wristers
Runtime 40:00
Completion Date:May 9, 2019

WAR SAVE ME gives us a raw, both alienating and poetic insight into the thoughts of P, a restless homeless man. As he roams the city in search of ways to function, he starts to long for the clarity and clean purpose of war. The film sketches the life of the homeless as aimless, both restless and hectic; a life where boredom and constant tension go hand in hand. It shows us without a clear narrative and without falling into clichés about the inconveniences and invisiblities of our society.


AVE — variation #10

Director Richard H. Alpert
United States
Runtime 9:21
Completion Date:July 12, 2019

The following video is part of a series of visual poems entitled "Variations on a Spanish Landscape." This video is a personal interpretation of the Spanish landscape filmed aboard the high-speed train AVE (Alta Velocidad Español) between Madrid and Barcelona.

The abstract patterns, colors and sounds inherent in this passing landscape produce a wide variety of audio effects and beautiful images.



Director Kimberly Burleigh
United States
Runtime 7:18
Completion Date:January 2, 2020

Jealousy is an experimental 3D animation. It features an elemental digital construction of the plantation house meticulously described in the seminal 1957 novel La Jalousie by French writer Robbe-Grillet. No characters are depicted in the animation – just as the novel emphasizes settings and objects over characters/dialogue. The compulsively observed settings and objects reveal the obsessive mindset of the main character, a jealous husband who suspects his wife of having an affair. The soundtrack features sounds described in the novel; nocturnal animal cries, insects whirring, etc. The animation expands on the novel by making settings and objects dynamic; furniture self-constructs, objects move, and lights shift.

Side View.jpg

Side View

Director Tosh Leykum
Runtime 9:33
Completion Date:January 3, 2020

The actress Kaori enter into different dream worlds. It is a journey into their own interior. No straightforward view, it is a side glance unexplainable, irritating, psychedelic worlds in which dreams mingle. In between, Kaori awakens and is visibly confused. A dove always appears in her dreams. It reveals open what Kaori connects with the pigeon. It could indicate a childhood experience with a desire to fly. In the end, she travels to space as a pilot of a cogeneration plant. A dream from which she awakens happily. Music is elemental in the movie. Kaori plays a theremin in one of her dreams. In the first dream she stands in a church in front of a digital video altarpiece. This original Triptichon was a commissioned work in the context of the 150th anniversary of the Elisabeth Church Langenhagen.

8 for Charles.jpg

8 for Charles

Director Benjamin Hembus
Runtime 29:00
Completion Date:January 1, 2019

A trip from Paris to Berlin, from Baudelaire to Techno, from the past to the present, from the old to the new....


White Brush Strokes

The Body (short)

Director Oleg Basov
Russian Federation
Runtime 22:00
Completion Date:

A young lady Tamara has a husband who have died from a heart attack, but his body has not decompose after the autopsy. Tamara believes, that this is a sign. She decided not to bury the body. This circumstance leads to conflict with her mother-in-law


Silent Films

Another Satisfied Customer.jpg

Another Satisfied Customer

Director Peier "Tracy" Shen
United States
Runtime 3:09
Completion Date:March 27, 2019

A retired ballerina is ready to end her life when the door bell rings. Is life gonna give her a second chance?


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