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Director  Michele Fadani
Runtime 08:09
Completion Date:January 9, 2020

The Dosoloso basketball team, sponsored by "Millenium Funeral Home" is preparing to face the biggest challenge ever...the one against death. Let the game begin !


Torasidis Last Masterpiece.jpg

Torasidis Last Masterpiece

Directors Gustav Bengtsson, David Bengtsson
Runtime 27:24
Completion Date:January 1, 2020

A passionate artist (Torasidis) with a series of eye-catching and bestial works in the luggage, decides to do his last work of art.
In the film we follow Torasidis as a passionate and innovative artist.
After earlier provocative works, he now wants to go one step further.


A Beautiful City.jpg

A Beautiful City

Director Jia SUN
Runtime 28:51
Completion Date:July 31, 2019

It has been six year since Ping married and moved to Hong Kong. Fleeing the place she lived and coming to Hong Kong didn’t make her live a happy life. Instead, the impact from reality and the differences made her feel more confused and powerless. She met many people here, she’s actively observing and recording them, but also passively affected by them. The pressure kept accumulate. After a talk in between dream and the reality, she finally made her decision...


Then comes the evening.jpg

Then comes the evening

Director Maja Novaković
Runtime 27:30
Completion Date:April 8, 2019

The documentary depicts life of two grannies living isolated on the hills of Eastern Bosnia. Nature is the entity with which grannies speak, listen to and respect. The film emphasizes the intangible cultural heritage, through the presentation of chants and rituals for taming the adverse weather, hail, and storm. It reflects the simplicity and purity of their way of life, as well as their painstaking work. In the daily activities that they perform, the excellence and distress of these displays is revealed and revived. Everyday life shows the caring and intimacy of the grannies, both in their mutual relations and in relationship with nature. Poetic tone of the frames relies on references from genre scenes of realism paintings, creating documents of bittersweet everyday life in the countryside.

L'ultimo whisky con il cappellaio matto.

L'ultimo whisky con il cappellaio matto

Director Nello Petrucci
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:March 18, 2020

What would happen if Alice found the Mad Hatter after many years? An unusual meeting where time has been out of the clock for quite a while…


Ye Are Gods.jpg

Ye Are Gods

Director Gerry Manus
Runtime 18:11
Completion Date:March 30, 2020

The Battle Of Good Vs Evil


Black Heart, Red Hands.jpg

Black Heart, Red Hands


Director Russell Southam
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:October 17, 2019

Set against the stunning backdrop of one of Australia’s World Heritage-listed National Parks; a first-time killer is about to learn what it really takes to pull off the perfect crime.

Films from the Smog Years.jpg

Films from the Smog Years

Director Michal Zadara, Barbara Wysocka
Runtime 19:14
Completion Date:June 6, 2019

The air in Warsaw, Poland is extremely polluted. A director tries to film the poison that we inhale every day. The obstacles are institutional, emotional, and practical.


Little French Fish.jpg

Little French Fish

Director Eva Lanska
Runtime 12:53
Completion Date:June 1, 2019

Lea is an artist from an Eastern European Jewish family. Djamil is а young man from the Middle East. They accidentally meet in Paris and fall in love. Their story is filled with passion, romance, and profound tenderness, but it cannot last long as they choose family traditions over their own happiness. Being apart is unbelievable, but will they change their mind if one day they have a second chance? One day, when they accidentally spot each other in a dark cinema hall.



Director Enoh Lienemann
Runtime 7:28
Completion Date:March 14, 2020

"This is a story about polluted water.
It reveals the powerlessness of people who are badly affected by the exploitation of multinational companies.
A story like this can be observed in many places arround our globe.
This is a true one. Happening in Nigeria, but simular circumstances can be found wherever greedy governments and entrepreneurs are working hand in hand."

This video deals with the intersection of documentary and narrative elements.
The growing demand for secondary raw materials obtained through recycling is increasingly moving also African countries into its focus and thus also the discourse on social realities.



Director Alan Chriest
United States
Runtime 4:55
Completion Date:February 28, 2020

The loving backdrop of penguins illustrates the similarities of their family life to that of humans, especially when grieving.




Director Gi Gonzales
United States
Runtime 4:56
Completion Date:March 1, 2020

Five kids are approached by a stranger to play Russian Roulette with a twist.


The Will and The Wall.jpg

The Will and The Wall

Director Mostafa Keshvari
Runtime 13:49
Completion Date:November 25, 2019

When a US border officer is patrolling the wall, he forms an unlikely friendship with the Mexican boy on the other side.


Convicted of Love.jpg

Convicted of Love

Director Sumit Jain
United States
Runtime 8:09
Completion Date:December 9, 2019

Akshay and Kiara, a young couple deeply in love, try to reconcile a strained relationship, for which Akshay carries a guilt.


Winfield Historical Times...And Other Od

Winfield Historical Times...And Other Oddities

Director Julia Cowle
United States
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date:June 1, 2018

'Winfield Historical Times and other Oddities' is a dark comedy/mystery about  a young girl named Chloe, who lives a sedate suburban life in her small cul de sac of colorful neighbors. The peaceful, tree lined street, where the world looks to be in perfect order, belies the fact that behind the picturesque front doors, things are not what they appear to be. Chloe suffers from anxiety and because of it, becomes a pariah in her close knit, but well intentioned community. One morning, Chloe, who usually spends her days with her best friend Rob, finds herself with nothing to do. On a whim, Chloe, agrees to find Mr. Gladstein’s newspaper thief. It turns out the unlikely culprit is closer than expected.  In the quest to find the thief, detective Chloe tracks her neighbors activities. By doing so, Chloe learns the peculiar secrets of her town and its inhabitants. As Chloe gets closer and closer to the truth of the disappearing newspaper, Chloe also learns more about herself. A neighborhood block party, that is meant to unite the community, brings the film to a surprising and comical conclusion.



Director Jon YonKondy
United States
Runtime 21:36
Completion Date:December 31, 2019



Director Shammas Jamsheer
Runtime 29:59
Completion Date: October 31, 2019

Imagine a grieving woman who has no choice but to remain virtually confined within the walls of a closed room for months, barred from meeting people who should consoled her and brought her out of grief and sense of loneliness. The movie portrays such a hapless woman, Qamarunnisah. Hailing from a traditional Muslim family, she finds herself within the confines of the room for a period of over four months - ‘Iddah’ (waiting period ) - after her husband's demise. She is disconnected from the outside world for four months and ten days.
Left alone and helpless, she remaines unacquainted with those she thinks will stand with her during the grieving period.

This is Cindy.jpg

This is Cindy

Director Terance Miller
United States
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date: July 6, 2018

A 'Super-Realtor' confronts her biggest challenge yet, to sell a house that is inhabited by a poltergeist.




Director Patrice Guillain
Runtime 8:18
Completion Date: November 23, 2017

«If the last surviving soldier of the first World War wanted to get rid of the terrible burden that kept him alive ... his name would be Simon Rosenberg.»




Director Avdjin Kutakis
Russian Federation
Runtime 11:42
Completion Date: December 20, 2019

Victor is going to announce at a family dinner that he will marry Nastya. This evening will present each of the family members with several unpleasant surprises.




Director  Achille Jubinville
Runtime 10:00
Completion Date:May 2019

Three young men kidnap an old man believing they are dealing with an easy target.


bla-bla-bla !.jpg

bla-bla-bla !

Director  François Celerier
Runtime 38:00
Completion Date:January, 2020

Alphonse breaks down. And completely lost. But due to meeting a gravedigger who does not stop disappearing, he falls on a bus stop planted in the middle of nowhere. Great! ... except that this bus line is not on its plan ...




Director Eysner Vladimir
Runtime 39:00
Completion Date:January, 2020

Boundless, sun-scorched steppe Heat, wind. This is the Altai Territory. The very border with Kazakhstan.
More recently, in these places, in a fluctuating haze of sultry air came a string of camels. They brought salt, without which no lunch, breakfast or dinner can do. Now, instead of camels, trains run along the railroad tracks, and in the cars the same salt.


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