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Aedipar - The secret of the forbidden va

Aedipar - The secret of the forbidden valley

Director Dr. Ingo Bruchhold
Runtime 55:59
Completion Date:April 25, 2020

The seagull Aedipar tells of a valley in which many barrels with strong smelling content lie. Young bears are planning to cleanse this valley again. They clear the barrels into a cave, which will be closed at the end. Everyone feels safe now. But as a spectator you can see that from the cave still dangerous clouds rise.


The Comedian.jpg

The Comedian

Director Katyayan Shivpuri
Runtime 24:16
Completion Date:December 25, 2019

The comedian is a film about an ageing comedic actor in the Indian film industry (Bollywood) who has no laughter left in his life.

Hasmukh Lal was a superstar comedian in the 1990s. His name was synonymous with laughter and joy.
Today he is a lonely, embittered old man, frustrated at what life has meted out to him.
Using anger as his last defence, he is feared and loathed by his neighbours and co-workers alike.

Quick and slow.jpg

Quick and slow

Director Jean-Sebastien Busque
Runtime 7:30
Completion Date:January 31, 2020

Quick and slow is a show where two jokester inventors (Fred and JS), a daring dummy (Bob), and a high-speed camera take elementary school students through a series of strange experiments to discover the magic of slow-motion.


Sonia Loves, Sonia Doesn't.jpg

Sonia Loves, Sonia Doesn't

Director Natalia Beliaeva
Russian Federation
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:

One day, spent in the expectation of the upcoming happiness: walking around the town, shop after shop, two sisters check out the long chosen presents for a birthday. Whose birthday? Sonya the doll. Yes. It’s just a little bit longer to wait, the whole eternity, for them to be together forever and not just see each other through the shop’s window. But what if Sonya leaves for another girl before the day X?
How easy an adult world can destroy children’s plan! Everyone knows that. But in this story everything will be different.

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