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The Nation of Butterflies.jpg

The Nation of Butterflies

Director  Felipe Oyarzo
United States
Runtime 02:12:00
Completion Date: February 29, 2020

A Latin American country receives international attention after a deep intellectual transformation that led to the end of poverty, crime, and corruption. The government, companies and citizens have come together to create an incredible and prosperous nation devoted to its people, wildlife, and the environment. Although most have welcomed this change, there are those who will do whatever they can to hold on to the old ways. This movie is based on a peer-reviewed scientific publication titled “Cultural and Intellectual Development as Capital to increase
Social Well-being and Economic Development.
Case Studies for Educational and Public Policy”.

Cry of the Sky.jpg

Cry of the Sky

Director  Shahram Qadir
Runtime 01:22:00
Completion Date: November 1, 2018

A woman gives birth to her child in hay storage and struggling for her life.
The Cry of the Sky is loosely about events that led to the collapse of the first Kurdish revolution of 1961 and the chaotic recovery of the resistance movement during the second half of the 1970s.




Director Nikola Bozadzhiev
Runtime 01:55:13
Completion Date:October 22, 2019

This is a story of impossible love, seen through the eyes of an unexpected character - the incarnated soul of the main character - his horse.
The second half of the 19th Century. Because of the weakened power of the central Ottoman government, Bulgaria has fallen prey to disorder, robbery and violent outrage.
Skill and bravery turn a local brigand, named Shibil, into a threat to the authorities and a legend among young men.

To Whom It May Concern.jpg

To Whom It May Concern

Director Manu Boyer
United States
Runtime 96:00
Completion Date:May-2015

A timely film that is forthcoming about the daily battles surrounding mental illness. It reminds us that depression and suicide can touch anyone and is a battle you can lose or win depending on the support you have around you. The story follows Anna, a 30-year-old beautiful but emotionally dysfunctional bartender, who is planning her own death. When Rachel, Anna's neighbor, kicks her boyfriend Sam out of the apartment, Anna, who has a secret crush on Sam, comes to the rescue and lets him stay on her couch.



Director Wang Mi
Runtime 104:00
Completion Date:Jan-2020

In 2019 in Beijing, Yin Xiaomei, who attempted suicide, told a wanderer stories about her life: Ten years ago, she started living with a rock&roll musician. She not only took care of him, but also had to lend money to him as he didn’t have any source of income. After the internet exposure of their relationship and the ruthless abuses coming afterwards, Yin Xiaomei chose to break up with him. Later she met director Mo Xie and started another relationship beyond imagination. Mo Xie Loved her, but he flirted with other women constantly and refused to make any commitment. Yet he required Xiaomei to do the same as her proof of love to him. Xiaomei hesitated as she would regret deeply when she tried to fall in love with others. After she witnessed the pregnancy and abortion of another woman Mo Xie flirted, Xiaomei decided to leave. Xiaomei also told the wanderer her love for a teacher, Mr. Liu when she was in high school.

Mystic Shrine Maiden.jpg

Mystic Shrine Maiden

Director Takeshi Sone
Runtime 01:10:10
Completion Date:April 4, 2019

Toko works as a shrine maiden. Her days are full of joy as she would be called out by the village people to play or sometimes simply savor time with nothing spectacular to do. One day, Toko finds out that the village festival which she has been waiting with great anticipation will be cancelled due to an old superstition. Toko who wants to make the festival happen starts preparations against the advice of the villagers. Events unfold in an unexpected direction when she meets a strange little girl by the lake…

Tokyo Offerings Flower.jpg

Tokyo Offerings Flower

Director Masaya Kato
Runtime 01:22:43
Completion Date:October 11, 2019

Psychic Kikue Kikuchi spends everyday sluggardly hating her ability and her work at a false-front company where psychics help the souls of the dead enter Nirvana.
Her boss, impatient at her behavior, imposes a higher quota of sending souls to Nirvana on her.
She does not want to do the work, and makes a plan to cheat in order to achieve her quota, but it brings her into contact with an unexpected state, and she has to face herself.




Director Robert Unaev
Runtime 01:25:00
Completion Date:February 29, 2020



Runtime 01:47:35
Completion Date:February 1, 2020

Violinist Mehmet, who is getting disabled in a traffic accident, is left alone and desperate with the death of his mother. This time, Mehmet, who has established a new life with the Seher who has a mental disability, comes across the neighborhood's malicious bums. Harassers of the town cause the death of the Seher. Mehmet, who takes the vow of revenge for the death pain of the Seher, confronts the harassers one by one despite the walking disability.



Runtime 01:48:33
Completion Date:February 1, 2020

Arife, who once lived in rural areas of Anatolia, make a living by telling stories to people at weddings, and her husband Dancer Civan, who entertained people by dancing in the same environments, suddenly has a heart attack while walking on mountainous terrain to catch a wedding. Witnessing the death of her husband in a cave, Arife remains helpless with the arrival of 3 bandits in the stories she constantly tells, hides herself in the cave. 3 bandits see Civan's dead body. The bandits, who are suddenly irritated by the advent of Arife, draw guns to kill Arife. However, when Arife begins to tell the stories of 3 bandits with a mysterious, dramatic and unusual speech style, the bandits lower their weapons and listen to the stories of Arife with curiosity until the sunrise. The pain, troubles and secrets of the bandits have been fully revealed. Now the bandits will make a decision. Either by killing Arife, they will bury their secrets with her, or they will repent and leave their land.



Director Janis Abele
Runtime 01:28:00
Completion Date:September 17, 2019

This story is set in the 1994 in the Latvian town of Jelgava and is a touching film about us as youngsters, when everybody is against the whole world and tries not to become ‘one of them’. Central to the film “Jelgava'94” there is a fourteen-year-old Janis, a boy from the small town of Jelgava in Latvia. Although for him learning comes easily, yet he himself aims to stay out of the limelight. However, after falling in love with his classmate Kristine and accidentally making new friends - Death and Zombie - he turns over a new page in his teenage life. He dreams of playing in a band, he starts listening to heavy metal music, he starts wearing a completely new set of clothes. This is a journey that inevitably leads both his teachers and his parents to tears. As you grow older, one might want to forget about this time of life, but it could, just as easily, turn out to be unforgettably good.



Director PR.Ravi
Runtime 01:40:00
Completion Date:January 9, 2020

A man and woman, who have negative opinions among themselves, get into the situation without a way out. These two opposing poles survive the night and day - five days without being able to escape and no options for food and water.



Director Mykhailo Illienko
Runtime 01:54:00
Completion Date:March 1, 2020

God created men out of clay. Catherine, by calling on a mutual aid of Toloka, made a house for her family out of clay and love – all twelve times – to finally unite the nation. It's a parable of a 300-year long journey throughout the land full of disasters and evil enemies.


Mark's Diary.jpg

Mark's Diary

Director Giovanni Coda
Runtime 01:15:00
Completion Date:January 1, 2019

Mark e Andrew are two disabled boys. When they met, an incredible attraction explodes but it can just flourish as a "mental construction". A virtual love, a one day lasting dream and the awareness that nothing will be the same again.


Bullet Trip.jpg

Bullet Trip

Director Nozomu Kasagi
Runtime 01:23:04
Completion Date:December 6, 2019

Former Shinjuku No.1 male host Noboru slams up the hostess lover Noriko and rushes 800 km nonstop on the night highway to the port town Mihonoseki. The trip, called “surprise bullet trip”, has a purpose that only Noboru knew. But unfortunately, the day of “the closest port town to God”, unfamiliar to the two of them, is December 3rd, when the rituals that have been running for 2000 years since ancient times. The path of the sloppy couple involves Goro, the third-generation owner of the local soy sauce shop, and heads in an unexpected direction.

The Death Train.jpg

The Death Train

Director William Karel, Nellu Cohn
Runtime 52:00
Completion Date:

« No other country, apart from Germany, played such an active role in the massacre of the Jews as Romania. »
Raul HIlberg, « The Destruction of the European Jews »

In Iasi, the fourth biggest city in Romania, more than 15 000 Jews were murdered during a terrible pogrom which took place between the 28th of June and the 6th of July.
At that time, the systematic extermination of Jews in Europe has not yet started. In Iasi, there were neither gas chambers nor crematoriums yet, but all the rest was already here: the terror, the humiliations, the sealed wagons, the famine, the public executions, the hatred. The orders came from above and were executed with enthusiasm by the police, the army, and the population. For more than 60 years, the communist governments one after another have been doing everything possible to bury the pogrom of Iasi in oblivion. By trying to consolidate the myth of the resistance of the whole nation to the nazi tyranny, they wanted to minimize their own responsibility for the pogrom.

Zu den Sternen.jpg

Zu den Sternen

Director Nicolai Tegeler
Runtime 01:13:00
Completion Date: September 28, 2019

Decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall Singer Marco Hoffmann has reached the height of its popularity.
Suddenly, the ex-frontman of the East German rock combo DIE KOSMONAUTEN is accused of being by his former band colleague Volker Hinze, that "IM singer" who betrayed him to the Stasi at that time.
Hinze demands a meeting, otherwise he threatens his evidence Passing it on to the press and destroying Hoffmann's life like him destroyed his life.
Although Hoffmann assures his innocence, he still relies on the conspiratorial Meet with Hinze.
Between the former "blood brothers" a bill arises on life and Death.

sutong nooma - if your heart is good, yo

sutong nooma - if your heart is good, you will learn quickly

Director Estelle Duriez
Runtime 55:50
Completion Date:March 2019

Through the windshield of an old truck, Yssouf is driving, tight face and greying hair. Next to him, his son, Arouna is sleeping in spite of shakes. Yssouf and Arouna know the difficulties they will have to face : breakdowns, shokes and obstacles slow them while they are entering into the Burkina Faso's wild forest, looking for charcoal bags. Will Arouna be able to succeed his father ?

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