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Almost Human.jpg

Almost Human

Writer Robert Leo Cox
United States
Number of Pages:125

Tyler Ash is a man who has lost his way. A war veteran, who gave his arm in the service of his country, now suffers from nightmares and depression, finding solace in drinking and sparring with his cyber, Charlie. His life changes when Model Industries, a Cyber-tech company creates the TRC One, almost exact in every way to a human. He decides, with the help of Jen, a Model Industries’ technician, to create the perfect wife Anna. But 2100AD is a troubled time, and the lines have become blurred as to what is human and what is not. Rogue Cybers break into Model industries and steal a prototype of the TRC Two, with the purpose of training it to be a weapon. Teresa, the Model Industries’ CEO, has a secret agenda.
Tyler accidently kills Anna when he discovers that she was unfaithful, and his trial and acquittal create two camps, one that feels that cybers are just machines and those that believe that Cybers deserve rights, and rioting commences.

Nine Years.jpg

Nine Years

Writer Andrea Castelli
Number of Pages:103



Writer Hal LaCroix
United States
Number of Pages:129

Based on real events and characters, Grynszpan/Thompson is the explosive World War II story of two dynamic, intersecting figures: the teenage Jewish assassin who triggers the tragedy of Kristallnacht and the female American news commentator who alerts the world about the rising menace of fascism.
Herschel Grynszpan, a bright but tempestuous boy in exile in Paris, reacts to the brutal expulsion of his family from Germany in 1938 by killing a Nazi official. His case gains international recognition and is championed by Dorothy Thompson, a denizen of New York City high society who’s known as the second most influential woman in the country. Grynszpan/Thompson dramatizes the distinct but intersecting paths of these vastly different individuals as they struggle against Nazism.

The Prodigal Son.jpg

The Prodigal Son

Writer Elaine Enriquez
United States
Number of Pages:80

Originally written as a musical, the script basically follows the story line of the parable Christ tells about the prodigal son. The script handles the timelessness of the story ... for families around the world and throughout history. It is the story of the father's heart for his children and the great love (challenged as it may be at times) between parent and child. This is the ultimate love story with all the longing, angst and pain of separation found in every great love story. The music is heartbreakingly beautiful and the humor in the script allows the audience to hurt with the characters. It is my hope that the script will not be separated from the music.

Death With Dice.jpg

Death With Dice

Writer Dean Harakas
United States
Number of Pages:105

A charismatic narcissist battles his addictions while navigating between Chicago's society and underworld as he desperately tries to protect his family's darkest secrets.


Bones of Ribbon.jpg

Bones of Ribbon

Writer A.M. Sanders
Number of Pages:120

When a new teacher arrives in the Australian Outback, he unites with a strong-willed, compassionate student counsellor to fight the systemic racism, homophobia, transphobia, and child abuse plaguing the town.


The Real Thing.jpg

The Real Thing

Writer Matthew Papadopoulos
Number of Pages:112

A virgin college student creates his virtual ‘perfect’ girlfriend but must grow up or never love when he falls for her real-life lookalike who is anything but ‘perfect’.




Writer  Anonymous
United States
Number of Pages:90

In 1942 a Southern man by the name of Clarence Jordan, an agriculturist and biblical scholar, could not understand the division between black and white churches. He started a commune in Americas, Georgia, where blacks and whites would live, work and worship together. A mentor to Martin Luther King, Clarence ran into extreme opposition - but bullets, dynamite, nor the KKK would stop his journey. As the years went on, the farm went from a successful multi-family operation to a battered struggle to survive for the few remaining occupants. In the face of failure, a business man named Millard Fuller, in search of reconciliation with God, showed up and picked up where Clarence had fallen. Under the personal counseling of Jordan, Millard breathed new life into the farm, fulfilling Clarence's life long dream of building a better world. This is the true story of the birth of Habitat For Humanity.





Writers Aleksandar Filimonovic, Nemanja Colovic
United States
Number of Pages:36

Three immigrants, two activists and a talking marijuana plant cause star spangled chaos while chasing their American Dreams.




Writer Jean Galliano
United States
Number of Pages:13

After being shot while breaking into someone’s home, a Teen Addict has a Near Death Experience [N.D.E.] where he is confronted by a Demon and then by the LORD.

Jose' is whisked away into a dark place. The Demon proceeds to beat him and knock him around in the darkness. Jose’ fights back unto exhaustion. Defeated, he falls remorseful and apologetic. His MOTHER’S PRAYERS can be heard, and light begins to illuminate the room. The light gathers into the shape of a being - a LIGHT BEING. The Light Being leads Jose’ out of the darkness and into a bountiful garden where the light is revealed to be an aura around the person of the LORD JESUS. The Lord gives Jose’ a new name and sends him back to his body to, "do the work he was sent to do.“ To everyone’s amazement, Jose’ awakens after being dead for nine minutes.



Writer Jon Michaelson
Number of Pages:110

Jake, a 33 year old South African Jew living in Jerusalem, is an archeologist working for an Israeli museum, exploring and excavating ancient desert caves (similar to the fabled “Cave 32’) The work is absorbing and arduous – just the way Jake likes it..

At home however, his marriage to Esther, a 38 year old Sabra, is in trouble, and Jake is increasingly drawn to Sumaya, a Palestinian colleague in her 30's.

Apparently So.jpg

Apparently So

Writer Naomi Lisner
Number of Pages:125

It follows the journey of Lucy Bloom. A story of Love, Loss, Friendship and Humanity. Lucy is married to respected pharmacist Peter Bloom. From the outside looking in her life seems idyllic. Life isn't always as it appears.




Writer C.W. Jones
United States
Number of Pages:117

The moon rises over the just and the unjust. Such verities abound when an independent school hustles funds to build classrooms on the moon, but this vainglorious endeavor will end in utter destruction unless three acts of righteousness can be found.


Pen calligraphy hand lettering hustle


Writer Molly Cole
United States
Number of Pages:16

A teenage girl has to decide between college and her boyfriend and deal with her life as a minority


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