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Division Series.jpg

Division Series

Director HO KWON KIM
Runtime 6:00
Completion Date:August 30, 2019

Prime Minister Abe goes into KFC(Kennedy Fried Chicken) stores to buy chicken, but chicken is already sold out. At the next table, presidents from various countries start playing cards to win the last chicken basket


The Cord.jpg

The Cord

Director Olexandr Bubnov
Runtime 6:32
Completion Date:September 17, 2018

This film is about blind maternal love, overcare, that doesn't let the son grow into a man, but makes his inner child stay helpless and infantile for ages.




Director Kaichi Sato
Runtime 27:04
Completion Date:August 1, 2018

196X. Anna, an enigmatic and attractive professional kidnapper, abducts The Professor during his wedding ceremony on request from one of the latter’s former girlfriend. This woman, whose face Anna has never seen, wishes to die with The Professor before he marries. Leaving the church with The Professor on the back seat of her motor-bike, Anna starts on the journey to the fictional city of “Alpha Paris”.
“Anna” is a tribute and homage to old movies of the 60’s, a ideally highly effective sophisticated cartoon with trendy visual effects.

Split Ends.jpg

Split Ends

Director Nofar Alfasi
Runtime 6:00
Completion Date:August 7, 2019

A story about Two sisters with an unusual connection, but despite that connection they are very different from each other. That unique bond can either draw them closer, or split them apart.


Stop Motion #1, #2, and #3.jpg

Stop Motion

Director Jeff Danglo
United States
Runtime 2:50
Completion Date:January 12, 2020

I produce mini-short animations about one minute in length, three submitted as a bundle. My videos explore human fallibility as everyday characters reveal their true nature, in realistic sets with Lego characters. Without a specific language, they are understood by everyone


Butterfly & Mouse.jpg

Butterfly & Mouse

Director Mira Yankova
Runtime 14:19
Completion Date:

People often say, “This one has a lion’s heart, and that one – a rabbit’s”.
Some hide lions in their chests, other ones – rabbits, yet others – mice. There are also those who wouldn’t dare face their inner spirit animal.
What could happen to someone so very afraid of seeing what he carries within.
A short jazzy film about the fears that obstruct man's way to himself and to others.

la bestia humana.jpg

la bestia humana

Director Javier Campo
Runtime 1:04
Completion Date:March 2019

Fantasy. Animation based on the cyclops social assistance report. This document is pending to be contrasted.


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