Director Mireille Sylvester
Runtime 10:13
Completion Date:June 28, 2019

"The ‘S’ Word” is a character-based short documentary that follows 3 unmarried women from different generations, cities, and backgrounds who are without a partner for vastly different reasons.


The 'S' Word

Director Nomade Media
Runtime 52:42
Completion Date:May 27, 2019

A group of kayakers find themselves in the difficult mission of running the three less explored and most dangerous rivers of the south of the world.
The Pascua River, Bravo and Baker. They will overcome the difficult tests that the patagonia will put on them, in addition they will learn about of the complicated environmental situation that Chile is suffering in its fight for fresh water.

The Patagonia Triple Crown

Director Lino Kafidas
Runtime 56:10
Completion Date:December 20, 2019

Spiros is a motorcycle acrobat of the Circle of Death (acrobatics performed inside a huge barrel) and the last one in Greece who is doing it. He lives a nomadic life, going from fairground to fairground, together with his family, his caravan and a few acrobats who often abandon him. A life full of tensions and insecurities in a country of crisis. His father was a legend of the Circle of Death but also his grandfather, his uncle and his brother were well known names. A 50 year old family tradition. Will he be able to keep making a living and save this dying profession? Will he be the last one or will his sons continue the family tradition? A human portrait of an old fashioned acrobat in a rapidly changing world.

Spiros and the Circle of Death

Runtime 58:44
Completion Date:January 9, 2018

Székelyvarság is a settlement scattered on a huge territory in Hargita County, Romania, surrounded by wild forests and meandering streams, where the effects of globalization have not yet reached. People living here are in close relationship with tradition and nature. There are children living here, who walk several kilometers daily, crossing mountains and valleys to reach school, no matter how cold winter is. The main characters of the film: a child starting first grade, making his way to school for the first time, and an eighth grader who steps on the well known path for the last time.


Director Emmanuelle Nobécourt
Runtime 52:00
Completion Date:

Europe is sunken into chaos. Thousands of French citizens are lost, dispersed over Poland by the hazards of the World War II. Madeleine Pauliac and her team of young nurses embark on a heroic epic, attempting to find and rescue them.
In the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, a group of young French women are given an impossible mission. They must repatriate their compatriots, whom the conflict has scattered across a devastated continent. But one must act quickly as borders are closing down and the Iron Curtain is descending! This is the beginning of a race against time in the heart of a damaged Europe. A trip to hell that would change and upset them for the rest of their lives.

The Girls of Blue Squadron

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