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Icarus from Kocherinovo.jpg

Icarus from Kocherinovo

Director  Emil Spahiyski
Runtime 01:00:00
Completion Date:November 4, 2019

This is a tale, full of twists and turns, about the life story of a dreamer – Nikolai Popovski from Kocherinovo. He wished he could fly since he was a child. Without any proper training, he invents and builds the first Bulgarian helicopter in his father’s backyard. His ambitions grow bigger, his inventions – bolder, but life turns out to be as cruel as his dreams are daring.

Just A Kid From Fall River.jpg

Just A Kid From Fall River

Director  Randy West
United States
Runtime 01:50:00
Completion Date:September 16, 2019

So much of life is focused on achieving specific goals. But, the real prize lies within the JOURNEY to reach those goals. The life of Marc Megna exemplifies this. He embraced this process from his childhood in Fall River, MA, all the way to this very day . . . and continues to each and every day. We must realize that we all start out as just a kid from somewhere. Where we end up is on us. And more importantly, how we get there is the true reward.
*Includes interviews from Todd McShay (ESPN), Joe Douglas (NY Jets), Joe Cullen (Baltimore Ravens), Mark Duffner (Cincinnati Bengals), Chris Jones (Cleveland Browns), and many more!

Built lands.jpg

Built lands

Director  Arturo Dueñas
Runtime 83:00
Completion Date: Oct-2018

In the late 60s a group of artists decides to settle in a village in the ‘darkest-deepest’ Spain and turn it into a cultural center.
Today, only Felix Cuadrado Lomas still remains there. A man whose life encompasses a postwar childhood, a bohemian and resistance youth, and an adulthood of recognition, when all his generation mates have disappeared. Felix keeps faithful to his style, determined to reflect the landscape which surrounds him: the lands built by those who work on them. The film accompanies the painter for a whole a yearlong recording the seasonal changes in the landscape and his creative process.



Director  Filipp Orlyansky
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:29:15
Completion Date:February 1, 2020

The film is about the old Russian church tradition of liturgical singing according to znamenny notation.



Berlin Bernauer Straße - Time Travel

Director Dr. Ingo Bruchhold
Runtime 29:10
Completion Date:November 16, 2014

A moving journey through time from the division to reunification.




Director  Antonio Garcia Castro
Runtime 10:00
Completion Date:Mar-2020

Them: A women's story tells different stories about some topics as cancer, going out of the closet or politics. Some of these women faced a camera for the first time in their life.


serenade to the wind.jpg

Serenade to the Wind

Runtime 59:00
Completion Date:August, 2019

"Let my music be performed!" were the last words of Aldo Finzi, the composer that wasn’t allowed to perform his art because he was Jewish.
In 1937 La Scala Theater in Milan held a contest for a new opera. The winning opera should have been "La Serenata al Vento" (The Serenade to the Wind) composed by Aldo Finzi, a young, but already successful composer.


Silver Clown.jpg

Silver Clown

Director Wu Tong
Hong Kong
Runtime 39:48
Completion Date:April 22, 2020

There are hidden dangerous in the retirement security and talent selection system in mainland China. Even national artist is worried.
The protagonist is Wu Jun,56 years old. He started training at the age of 9. He has won famous honors such as Monte Carlo International Circus Festival “Silver Clown Award” and “World Development Circus Award”. In Mainland China, he is a meritorious artist. He has devoted nearly 50 years to the work of the national system. Eventually, as a national artist he fell into the canteen and lost the qualification of the only inheritor of traditional acrobatics. The adjustment of the new policy forced him to retire four years early. With deep regret and helplessness, he ended his lifelong career.
Precious award-winning information was easily lost, the talent of artists was not taken seriously, the most common right to work was suspended at will. The story evokes our thinking about the social system, in a limited life people should bid farewell to the stage of history with dignity.



Director Angelina Golikova
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:31:00
Completion Date:March 1, 2020

Kresty is one of the oldest prisons in Russia, located in the center of Saint Petersburg. Many human destinies have passed through these walls. Almost everyone sat there: revolutionaries, political prisoners, the first thieves of the Soviet era, engineers, famous generals, great poets and writers, artists, thieves, serial killers.
The characters of our film are different: prisoners under investigation, employees of the detention center, heads of different periods, historians and experts. Each fate is a whole picture, a whole world, but all of them are United and connected by one main character - "Kresty". Each of our heroes in his own way answers the question of what prison is for him personally.

The One and Only Jewish Miss America.jpg

The One and Only Jewish Miss America

Director David Arond
United States
Runtime 51:00
Completion Date:February 29, 2020

At the tail end of WWII, Bess Myerson -- a talented and educated beauty from the Bronx, the daughter of poor Russian immigrants who grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with her parents and sisters -- wins the world's most famous beauty pageant. Impressed by the college-educated musician, the judges chose her in spite of anonymous threatening phone calls and sponsor disapproval of a Jewish pageant winner. On her 1945 Miss America tour, Bess faced antisemitism and closed doors at venues which did not allow Jews, leading her to start her own tour to teach tolerance at high schools and colleges around the country.

One Day with Doctor Sergio.jpg

One Day with Doctor Sergio

Director Oxana Kriss
Runtime 01:51:52
Completion Date:January 17, 2020

Nikita is 8, he is a worldschooler from Australia – he is traveling the World full time with his mother Oxana. While living in the mountains of Chiapas, among indigenous people with their bright culture, they met a real hero – Doctor Sergio Castro - a true Mexican humanitarian. Doctor Sergio has provided free medical help and building schools for local people of the poorest Mexican state of Chiapas for more than half a century. The local people of Chiapas are Mayan Indians of different ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own costumes, language, Catholic Patron Saint and traditions. The amazing doctor utilized this diversity, opening an ethnic Mayan museum which generated funds for to support his humanitarian work. Nikita and his mum became inspired by the unique personality of Doctor Sergio and decided to tell his story to the World. They followed Doctor Sergio and filmed him on his daily rounds. This film shows daily routine of the great contemporary humanitarian through the eyes of eight years old child.



Runtime 40:00
Completion Date:June, 2019

Nazaré Flower, poet, feminist, rural worker, community leader is the main character of the documentary Land of Nazaré. The film brings Nazaré back to tell her story and the story of her land, the settlement Maceió, located in the municipality of Itapipoca, Ceará - Brazil. Nazaré died of cancer at age 55 in 2007. The film gathers images of her daily life filmed in 2005 and stories of women of her community recorded in 2018.


Never Going Back.jpg

Never Going Back

Director Janette A. López
Runtime 01:05:54
Completion Date:September 23, 2019

When Explorer left Honduras, she left everything behind.
In the middle of the night, she didn’t have the chance to ask where she was going, but she’s never afraid, her father is always there taking care of her. This Honduran family travelled to Mexico looking for a safe place. A place where their two daughters could grow and their lives weren’t on the line. This is a brief chapter of this family’s journey to protect their daughters’ lives and their innocence.


Silêncio - Voices of Lisbon

Directors Judit Kalmár, Céline Coste Carlisle
Runtime 01:26:31
Completion Date:March 8, 2020

Silêncio - Vozes de Lisboa (Silence - Voices of Lisbon) is a documentary set amongst the backdrop of a gentrified Lisbon. Following the footsteps of Céline - a local foreigner who has lived in Portugal for 20 years - we are introduced to Ivone Días and Marta Miranda, two artist from different generations who fight for the survival of their art and their community. Their common language is Fado, a traditional style of music that talks about the daily struggle of living. With the lyrics of fado songs taking us through the story, the film explores the relationship between fado singers and the ever changing world around them.

Ivan's Game.jpg

Ivan's Game

Director Tomislav Zaja
Runtime 51:33
Completion Date:October 10, 2019

IVAN’S GAME is a biographical documentary which covers the life story of one of the greatest Croatian football players of all time: Ivan Gudelj. The film follows Ivan’s meteoric rise and the tragic end of his career at the height of his fame, and how he managed to overcome all hardships that came his way, to finally become a model today for young athletes thanks to his discipline and persistence. The film poses the following questions to its viewers: how can you continue your life when the whole world collapses around you like a house of cards? How do you flip the score in a game that’s already lost? Is there life after football?

The Love of Jesus.jpg

The Love of Jesus

Director Holger Klussmann
Runtime 46:31
Completion Date:

Understanding His Message

We will visit historical places of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
And some people are talking about their personal experience with the Love of Jesus.



Runtime 52:51
Completion Date:January 26, 2020

January 27, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Polish city of Auschwitz, where the Nazis organized the largest "death factory" - the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Auschwitz was liberated by the troops of the First Ukrainian Front. Soldiers, who had been tempered in battles and seen the most appalling atrocities perpetrated by fascists during the war, were so shocked by what they saw in Auschwitz that they cried like children.
According to official records, around 1.4 million people were killed in Auschwitz. Some researchers, however, put this figure at about four million. They were Soviet prisoners of war, Poles and a huge number of Jews.
Auschwitz-2 Birkenau, which was the center of mass extermination of European Jews, became one of the main symbols of the Holocaust.
January 27, the day the city of Auschwitz was liberated, has been proclaimed by the UN as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Zelihas House.jpg

Zelihas House

Director Gabriela Gyr
Runtime 44:40
Completion Date:January 15, 2020

In 2000 Zeliha decides to move to the forbidden zone in the middle of Turkey. On the ruins of her parents' house, the 42-year-old woman builds a shelter and begins to live there. Little by little we learn about this meaningful place. We get to know Zeliha's grandfather, Seyit Riza. As a respected tribal leader he failed to save his people from death and expropriation in 1938. Since then, the descendants have had a hard time. Only recently, the land registry office has begun to arbitrarily transfer entire tracts of land to foreigners. Zeliha is also affected. But when she finds an old tax voucher that was given to her grandfather, she hopes to prevent the imminent expropriation of land. By refusing to give up her homeland, Zeliha establishes for herself the self-respect that she has to regain for her people, her family and for herself as a human being and woman again and again. Doing so, her self-built house becomes the embodiment of her mission.

My Gypsy Road.jpg

My Gypsy Road

Director Vilma Kartalska
Runtime 27:56
Completion Date:January 3, 2020

An inspiring story about the winding road of the first Roma actress in Bulgaria, officially graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. From the everyday life’s challenges, to the sacrifices in the name of theater, and the trust in the great Roma cause – education for the ghetto. Nataliya Tsekova – THE WOMAN, THE ACTRESS, THE PERSON.


Man With A Family - A Greenlandic Advent

Man With A Family - A Greenlandic Adventure

Directors Mikael Strandberg, Ulrika Rang
Runtime 01:16:00
Completion Date:January 5, 2020

This is a bittersweet self-shot family portrait of the Strandberg´s as we move to Greenland. Once we settle in our icy paradise, everything goes wrong. Leaving me to fear for my daughter’s life and fight for my wife´s love. But this is Greenland; things will turn out fine.




​Director Selim Yildiz
Runtime 01:33:00
Completion Date:January 15, 2019

We are witnessing a long-lasting and devastating war with deep roots In Turkey, in Kurdistan. In spite of the changing facets of the seasons, Mother Besna longs for her son Enes’ return with the same compassion, fixing her eyes at snowy mountains and deep valleys in Mezra Şêxan, a village of Bahçesaray, Van.


The 'S' Word.jpg

The 'S' Word

Director Mireille Sylvester
Runtime 10:13
Completion Date:June 28, 2019

"The ‘S’ Word” is a character-based short documentary that follows 3 unmarried women from different generations, cities, and backgrounds who are without a partner for vastly different reasons.


The Patagonia Triple Crown.jpg

The Patagonia Triple Crown

Director Nomade Media
Runtime 52:42
Completion Date:May 27, 2019

A group of kayakers find themselves in the difficult mission of running the three less explored and most dangerous rivers of the south of the world.
The Pascua River, Bravo and Baker. They will overcome the difficult tests that the patagonia will put on them, in addition they will learn about of the complicated environmental situation that Chile is suffering in its fight for fresh water.

Spiros and the Circle of Death.jpg

Spiros and the Circle of Death

Director Lino Kafidas
Runtime 56:10
Completion Date:December 20, 2019

Spiros is a motorcycle acrobat of the Circle of Death (acrobatics performed inside a huge barrel) and the last one in Greece who is doing it. He lives a nomadic life, going from fairground to fairground, together with his family, his caravan and a few acrobats who often abandon him. A life full of tensions and insecurities in a country of crisis. His father was a legend of the Circle of Death but also his grandfather, his uncle and his brother were well known names. A 50 year old family tradition. Will he be able to keep making a living and save this dying profession? Will he be the last one or will his sons continue the family tradition? A human portrait of an old fashioned acrobat in a rapidly changing world.



Runtime 58:44
Completion Date:January 9, 2018

Székelyvarság is a settlement scattered on a huge territory in Hargita County, Romania, surrounded by wild forests and meandering streams, where the effects of globalization have not yet reached. People living here are in close relationship with tradition and nature. There are children living here, who walk several kilometers daily, crossing mountains and valleys to reach school, no matter how cold winter is. The main characters of the film: a child starting first grade, making his way to school for the first time, and an eighth grader who steps on the well known path for the last time.

The Girls of Blue Squadron.jpg

The Girls of Blue Squadron

Director Emmanuelle Nobécourt
Runtime 52:00
Completion Date:

Europe is sunken into chaos. Thousands of French citizens are lost, dispersed over Poland by the hazards of the World War II. Madeleine Pauliac and her team of young nurses embark on a heroic epic, attempting to find and rescue them.
In the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, a group of young French women are given an impossible mission. They must repatriate their compatriots, whom the conflict has scattered across a devastated continent. But one must act quickly as borders are closing down and the Iron Curtain is descending! This is the beginning of a race against time in the heart of a damaged Europe. A trip to hell that would change and upset them for the rest of their lives.

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