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Runtime 01:50:00
Completion Date:October 30, 2019

Someday is a poignant tale of the simple lives of people in the rural regions of India and their beautifully harmonious relationship with cattle.
In his debut feature Director  VETRI DURAISWAMI   weaves a tale in the backdrop of cattle forming an integral part of the human existence and the displacement that globalisation has brought about.
It tells the true tale of water scarcity, child labour and the challenges of simple existence for the people hoping for a better future.
This film is inspired from several true incidents that happened in India but largely go unreported.


Director Biography - VETRI DURAISAMI

Debut Director Vetri Duraisamy wears many hats and being a responsible filmmaker is just one of them. Having commenced as a very successful entrepreneur Vetri Duraisamy has lead several successful ventures and has left an indelible impression with his management skills and humane approach.
As the Managing Director of Sidarrtha Energy Private Limited and Aaudible Technologies Private Limited, Vetri Duraisamy is involved in day to day operations of both businesses. He also adorns the Management Trustee role in the Manidhanaeyam FREE IAS Academy run by the Manidhanaeyam Charitable Trust. His roles in these institutions enable him to be the key business strategist in three of the most dynamic industries in India, namely EDUCATION – ENERGY - ENTERTAINMENT.
As a firm believer that education is the key element towards a flourishing society and with the motive to bring out the hidden talents of the underprivileged students, Vetri plays a crucial role in developing and helping the aspiring students move towards their civil services dream. His role as a Director of this Charitable Institution is to identify the talented and the well deserving candidates and also to help mould them into what is required by providing free coaching, accommodation, food and other required amenities. “Education should be made available to all alike”, “Treat every human being alike immaterial of his socio economic background” are some of the thoughts that this charitable institution tries hard to propagate.

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