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Over the barriers.jpg

Over the barriers

Director Banu Ramazanova
Runtime  60:00
Completion Date:January 17, 2020

Horses for us, Kazakhs, have always been symbols of drive and victory. The story of the Soviet conquest of Olympus began with the legendary Absent. And now there are people and horses in Kazakhstan who are ready to storm the Olympic heights.


The Choic.jpg

The Choice

Director Anna Kudinova
Russian Federation
Runtime 17:56
Completion Date:October 25, 2020

The main character is a beautiful and kind lady who wants
tell people about the Heavenly Land, from where everyone came
to Earth, but ends up in prison, where the Policeman
tortures and beats her, but, when he learned the whole truth, the Policeman strips off his shoulder straps and helps her
log off.



Director Eduard Tadevosyan
Russian Federation
Runtime 21:00
Completion Date:

Tragicomedy about a young man who is trying to find a way out of a maze of seemingly unrelated events, bypassing the unpredictability of female nature. Will he be able to catch the elusive happiness in the cycle of lies and vice?




irector Alexey Drobashenko
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:12:15
Completion Date:October 30, 2020

Three stories about people who aren’t afraid living along with their dreams: a family that left the city for the wild, a successful female doctor who feeds dogs in a shelter every day and a instructor who helps people become better for gratis.


My mum is (not) the best one.jpg

My mum is (not) the best one

Director Sadchikova Irina
Russian Federation
Runtime 13:39
Completion Date:February 20, 2020

The Mom convinces her daughter to fulfill the will of her dreaming, dead grandmother: to celebrate New Year
in family house in October.
The daughter realizes on the way her dependence on her mother and tries to free herself.
Mother reacts painfully, trying to restrain.
Mother and daughter learn about each other hidden facts that change their relationship to each other.

Testing the Dream.png

Testing the Dream

Director igor kail
Russian Federation
Runtime 25:53
Completion Date:May 20, 2020

In a dream, during unreal experiment, the heroine finds herself in the reality of her own dream. In this dream she needs to make a choice that has consequences on her real life




Director Roman Shirman
Runtime 01:04:57
Completion Date:December 30, 2019

The boy loved to draw, and many thought that he would become a wonderful artist.
Parents dreamed that he would once become a philosopher.
But despite everything, the boy became a football player, one of the best in the country.
Then he became a coach. Later he was considered the best coach in Europe.

Broken Phone.jpg

Broken Phone

Director Nastasya Simbirceva
Russian Federation
Runtime 2:00
Completion Date:

Russia comes first in the number of new HIV infections among European countries but sex education is usually ignored in our families and at schools. So here is a film targeting silent parents. Is this silence really safe?


Thank you!.jpg

Thank you!

Director Maria Shulgina
Russian Federation
Runtime 14:58
Completion Date:June 1, 2020

Fast food worker Vitalik gets an incredible chance to get rich - for this he must become a bone marrow donor. Will he be able to do this good deed for the sake of money given he is afraid even of the sight of blood?




Director Lina Asadullina
Russian Federation
Runtime 20:43
Completion Date:February 25, 2020

A female translator of the Greek language from time to time has sex at nights in cars with some occasional taxi drivers. She doesn’t meet them anymore. But one enchanted taxi driver migrant (a person born in former Soviet Republic - Georgia) is trying to find her and he is detained by the police instead. Only this beautiful stranger can help him…But she has to overcome her fears and hang-ups in order to help him.


Elevator and Chocolate.jpg

Elevator and Chocolate

Director Anna Rozengurt
Runtime 5:23
Completion Date:November 9, 2018

What happens if you get stuck in an elevator with a charming girl? And if you have a chocolate in the pocket?




Directors Ivan Afanasyev, Anastasiya Ledkova
Russian Federation
Runtime 20:59
Completion Date:April 1, 2020

Mark works in a movie theater, and he spends his free time trying to become a writer. He is at odds with himself and others: even with his beloved girlfrienh Masha he managed to quarrel. Once, his former soldier've come to Mark's work, and Mark's long past he clearly doesn't want to remember have come with him.

Russians. Big Game..jpg

Russians. Big Game.

Director Alexey Zahar
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date:February 1, 2019

This lifestyle becomes more inaccessible and will disappear absolutely soon. Albrecht Dürer, Ivan Turgenev, Lev Tolstoy, Pieter Bruegel, Akutagawa, Jacopo de Barbari, Peter the Great as if, connecting times, gathered to tell us what the speech is about. But only german doctor living in Russia manages to realize true sense of this phenomenon.



Russian Federation
Runtime 26:49
Completion Date:May 1, 2020

In Don steppe near the Mius river, on a high mound from afar a huge anchor sparkling in the sun is visible. Why did it appear here, away from the sea?
Locals are well aware of the history of the steppe anchor. Precisely here was located the “Mius Front” line, near the Matveev Kurgan village, which was an unknown page of WW2 history.
This film is about the feat of the Soviet sailors who died during the storm of the “Mius Front” in March 1942, and people who keep a memory of them.

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