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Music Video / Video Art


Director Arty Sandler
United States
Runtime 4:05
Completion Date:October 10, 2020

A woman transforms into a witch through her music, finds herself in the magical world behind the mirror.


I'll Remember 1945.png

I'll Remember 1945

Director Julie Dixon
United States
Runtime 04:52
Completion Date:October 19, 2020

Music video depicting the years of the Holocaust and final liberation set to original song and gypsy and Jewish musical arrangement with accordions and bouzoukis


Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder (2018)

Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder

Director Stephen Pope
United States
Runtime 01:18:00
Completion Date: 09 Dec, 2018

"Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder" is a multi-award-winning feature-length non-narrative "visual music” film; its five movements (the short-subject contains one section from each movement) use computer animation, painted film, and photographic sources (together with an original electronic-music soundtrack), and map loosely onto the sections of the catholic mass (but with an epistle lesson from Martin Luther King and a credo by Mahatma Gandhi).


Dormo e Poco Sogno Molto - Espana Circo

Dormo e Poco Sogno Molto - Espana Circo Este

Director Paolo Santamaria
Runtime 3:37
Completion Date:September 1, 2020

A travel through imagination, finding a place called home.

AKHTARAKAM (my little Guiding Star).jpg

AKHTARAKAM (my little Guiding Star)

Director Ali Eskandarzadeh
Runtime 10:30
Completion Date:October 10, 2020

This is a videoclip and about mother and child.
Mohsen Namjoo, born in 1976, is an Iranian singer/songwriter. His work features a unique and creative blending of modern and traditional music and lyrics.
His songs address contemporary social and political challenges. He fled Iran to avoid prosecution for his songs in 2009, and could not visit his mother, who passed away in April 2019.

Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda.jpg

Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

Directors Maria Paola Viano, Emanuel Cossu
Runtime 21:10
Completion Date:January 20, 2020

(The fight of Tancredi and Clorinda)
In a distant future of a dreamt Jerusalem, Tancredi unknowingly fights against the woman he loves, Clorinda, disguised as an enemy knight.
Under the eyes of the text, referee and narrator, the fighting progressively becomes more violent, bringing the challenge between the two lovers to its tragic conclusion.



Runtime 4 minutes
Completion Date: 2018 - October

In a dystopian setting, a young woman is struggling betwenn freezing her emotional side or sticking to it.


I Don’t Know.jpg

I Don’t Know

Director Carl Bailey
United States
Runtime 5:18
Completion Date:July 27, 2020

This video is an attempt to educate other cultures on the plight of the Black People in America.It is also an honest expression of the everyday emotional struggle of being born Black in America and anywhere Black people are not honored , respected and denied there basic human rights.


Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man.jpg

Adrian Sutherland - Politician Man

Director Justin Stephenson
Runtime 3:34
Completion Date:October 17, 2019

Politician Man, the debut single from Adrian Sutherland, is a protest song for Canada. The seeds were planted in July 2019 when his Cree community of Attawapiskat declared a state of emergency over contaminated water. At the same moment, insensitive comments from a politician in Ottawa sparked massive public outcry, a spontaneous response from Sutherland himself, and national media coverage

Arcos da Lapa.jpg

Arcos da Lapa

Director Wagner Cinelli
Runtime 4:05
Completion Date:September 22, 2020

Lapa Arches is a monument downtown Rio de Janeiro that well represents The Old Rio and its bohemian history. This environment inspired Arcos da Lapa, an instrumental choro style song, and one of Rio Doce CD tracks, released by Urca Bossa Jazz Band in 2020.

First came the song, and then the music clip, with a great and friendly dancer couple. Enjoy music and dance under the historic arches of Rio de Janeiro.



Runtime 3:55
Completion Date:July 8, 2019

Hounting me.png

Haunting me

Director Hagit Kastel
United States
Runtime 4:29
Completion Date:

Music: Imran Ahmed ProjectX
Vocals & Lyrics: Nikki Monique
Video: Hagit Kastel

A trip to Mt McKinley.jpg

A trip to Mt McKinley

Director Mark D. Rose
United States
Runtime 9:28
Completion Date:August 12, 2020

Ariel Cinematography of Alaska and Mt McKinley in 2020



Director Domenique Melchior
Runtime 5:04
Completion Date:June 16, 2020

Edgy modern piece of the classical stalker song "One Way or Another" by Blondie

Always, All Ways.jpg

Always, All Ways

Directors Kathie Jarra, Navid Sanati
United States
Runtime 5:31
Completion Date:March 19, 2020

Dedicated to the memory of Musician, Stevie Ray Vaughan




Director Sawako Gannon
Runtime 5:14
Completion Date:July 22, 2020

Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and universality between cultures and languages.


Im proude to be a farmer daughter.png


Director Hagit Kastel Nachsholi
United States
Runtime 2:16
Completion Date:July 14, 2020

written by: Rita Faye Tanner and Bob McGilpin
Song production: by Bob McGilpin at McMusic Sound Studios Nashville
Creator John Moessner
Video production Hagit Kastel Nacsholi

lennon boys.png

lennon boys

Director Hagit Kastel
United States
Runtime 7:36
Completion Date:June 12, 2020
Writer  roxanne akahter

Songwriter Roxanne Akhter . Roxanne’s Music Box . Recorded at Rocking Horse Studios singer Patrik Gochez.
Video production Hagit Kastel Nacsholi

Passatempo Passtime.jpg

Passatempo / Passtime

Director Rita Figueiredo
Runtime 3:28
Completion Date:May 29, 2020

Benji & Rita presents “Passtime”, Music vídeo that was recorded with contemplative images of nature in Hudson Valley, NY, during the quarantine period. The guitar playing, which brings us to Rachmaninoff's counterpoints, contributes to a pendulous and questioning melody, which seems to have been the result of a philosophical reverie about time with its transients and uncertainties.

Fresh Soft 3500.jpg

Fresh Soft 3500

Director Dmitry Pishchulin
Russian Federation
Runtime 3:24
Completion Date:May 13, 2020

Water thieves.png

Water thieves

Director Olivier Klein
Runtime 3:23
Completion Date:December 29, 2019

A music video of the song performed by Woodabee

Inverted Gloaming.jpg

Inverted Gloaming

Runtime 06:42
Completion Date:June 1, 2020

For this video clip, TARGET takes the concepts from their latest album Deep Water Flames to bring them to the screen, in an artistic piece that reflects the fight against the tide, in this case represented by the fight for equality of women in this world.

Music / Songs / Songwriting Contest


Directors Wagner Cinelli, Marcio Oliveira
Runtime 02:54
Completion Date:June 2, 2020

Music video that exalts the beauty of Brazil. Homage to culture, and also to the Brazilian composer Ary Barroso, author of the song Aquarela do Brasil, which is considered a masterpiece of the "samba exaltação" (exalting samba) style.


Stay At Home.jpg

Stay At Home

Author Ben Rauch
United States
Runtime 3 minutes 14 seconds
Completion Date:July 1, 2020

Stay at home, stay at home
We're telling all to stay at home


Cracked Ice

The Three Rings

Author Marina de Lucas
Runtime 1 minute 40 seconds
Completion Date:June 6, 2020

The soundtrack to the @SmarT.eatr video-instagram theatre based on the novel no.3 from the 1st. day of "Decameron" by G. Boccaccio


Keep it simple, stupid.png

Keep it simple, stupid

Author Danilo Koren
Runtime 25:00
Completion Date:June 1, 2020

7 videos of about 4-5 minutes each.

Rio Doce.jpg

Rio Doce

Author Wagner Cinelli
Runtime 3 minutes 14 seconds

Completion Date:July 17, 2020



Author Wagner Cinelli
Runtime 3 minutes 34 seconds
Completion Date:July 17, 2020

I was falling
Feeling bad
Deep in the blue
Wanna change
When I met you

Leo's Taps.jpg

Leo's Taps

Author Laura Thompson, Melvin Jones, Marcus Williams
United States
Runtime 5 minutes 42 seconds
Completion Date:June 8, 2020

The Human in Me.png

The Human in Me

Author Gleeson Rebello,John Ventura
United States
Runtime 2 minutes 35 seconds
Completion Date:August 4, 2020

Divided we stand
United we Fall
It didn't make sense
Yet we gave it our all
We pulled together...


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