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Director Ganesh Vinayakan
Runtime  01:40:00
Completion Date:September 1, 2020

Hero Velu a bee keeper lives in a hill range village of Nilgiri forest in Kurunjikudi. Heroine Poongodi from neighbouring village meets Velu to fetch Kusuvan honey (medicine honey) to treat her sick father. Along the way she falls in love with Velu and gets married to him, even the Gods of Nature disapproves their marriage.

Hemwant Tiwari.jpg


Director Hemwant Tiwari
Runtime  01:33:27
Completion Date:September 30, 2019

World's first black and white one shot film LOMAD(THE FOX) is a story about a boy and a girl who had an affair in school and reunite via social media after more than a decade. Things are not the same as they were once. Both are married and almost strangers. They meet to create some magical moments but as they say.




Director Mitesh Patel
United States
Runtime  01:26:00
Completion Date:April 15, 2020

After Bruce and Laura Gunther return from their anniversary trip to Italy, Bruce realizes he is Patient Zero in bringing the Coronavirus to the ones he cares about most - his own family. Suffering from all the effects of his actions, Bruce must come to terms with this devastation before it consumes him and his family.




Director Bakhtyar Fatah
Runtime 01:40:00
Completion Date:October 10, 2020

A detective abandoned his daughter for a governmental mission. He risks his life in order to fix their relationship. Their search leads them to face an organ trafficking band who has blackmailed a doctor for harvesting the organs.


Dead On Time.jpg

Dead On Time

Director  Rish Mustaine  
Runtime 94:05
Completion Date:Nov-2020

The 'Arab Spring of 2011' is in full eruption, turmoil consumes the Mid-East region as protesters, rebels and insurgents wreak havoc and destruction. A Clandestine American Military Agency, 'Black Halo', is forced to move a vital asset out of the warzone in Amrakistan. Mike McGuirk (Michael Madsen) sends in a Black-Ops team led by Segar (Michele Ghersi) to securely extract Moshin Dewar (Mohamed Zouaoui) and his newest invention. Moshin sensing something is not right, escapes Segar by jumping out of a flying plane.



Director Joan Frank Charanosnnet
Runtime 115:00
Completion Date:Feb-2020

Year 1923. Juliet, who is six years old with her family, flees the misery of the countryside to settle in an industrial colony.The viewer will grow up next to her to contemplate all the paths that life offers.




Director Florian Bardet   
Runtime 81:00
Completion Date:Jun-2020

A couple takes the road in search of the perfect place to bury their little dog, this long journey takes on the appearance of nightmare and reveals all the strangeness of their relationship. At the same time, a man is searching for his car, which has mysteriously disappeared.




Runtime 01:39:03
Completion Date:July 2, 2020

The story expresses its social value as it brings out the new ways of thinking of young people today, and specifically their effort to put culture and knowledge in the place of violence, oppression and authoritarianism.


Atoms Orbit.jpg

Atoms Orbit

Director Scott Hellon
United States
Runtime 02:00:02
Completion Date:October 31, 2019

A man hides from society as his inner mental turmoil suffocates his ability to function.

The Desired.jpg

The Desired

Director Abraham Lacalle Marquina
Runtime 98:00
Completion Date:Jan-2020

“The Desired” is about a number of events happening in a small village isolated between mountains after a war that devastated the country.
In this situation, the Desired appear, a sort of pseudoreligious, paramilitary sect with a strict and authoritarian hierarchy.


Eva would like.jpg

Eva would like

Director Diaz Diaz
Runtime 55:35
Completion Date:Jun-2020

Eva is a 39-year-old, single and free woman. A gynaecologist has just told her she has very few eggs left. Eva would like to have a child but doesn’t really know how to go about it… She sets off on a singular journey.


Hannah More.jpg

Hannah More

Director Diana Taylor
United Kingdom
Runtime 01:42:00
Completion Date:February 1, 2020

An epic tale of love and betrayal , set against a backdrop of revolution and slavery.A woman's fight against injustice and the turmoil of politics in the 18th Century.
This award winning film is a stunning and beautifully crafted costume drama that will appeal to audiences of all ages.


A Matter of Perspective.jpg

A Matter of Perspective

Director Gerda Leopold
Runtime 01:25:19
Completion Date:November 12, 2017

The lives of 10 people are crossing. In their encounters unexpected things come to light that shatter the protagonists' self-image and therefore their concept of their own life.
Filmed out of the point of view (POV) of the acting characters, "A Matter of Perspective" is an episodic film about human existence between the polarity of our freedom and the responsibilities of life.

Choir Girl.jpg

Choir Girl

Director John Fraser
Runtime 01:35:03
Completion Date:November 12, 2017

A photographer has found his muse. A 15 year old prostitute. How far will a nobody go to be a somebody?




Director Philip Harder
United States
Runtime 01:41:00
Completion Date:

1972. Vietnam war protests and racial tension is sizzling in the late summer heat of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Billy Mitchell (Devon Bostick, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), a recent college graduate, spends the summer working on the lush grounds of an old world mental institution run by his psychiatrist father (Tate Donovan, Rocketman). Billy falls in love with Virginia (Natalia Dyer, Velvet Buzzsaw, Stranger Things), a patient who is possibly crazy, or perhaps she is the only sane person Billy has in his world.



Runtime 01:47:00
Completion Date:February 28, 2020

An imaginary story of two 10-12 year old boys & a dog Pug. Rushab is a 10 year old and the only son of Vineet & Shalu. Vineet is a Senior Manager of a firm; while Shalu is a housewife. They are a very happy family. Rushab is pampered a lot by his father. Rushab asks for a Pug as a birthday gift which is fulfilled by his father. He loves the pet very much.


Pretty Men (My Bittersweet Family).jpg

Pretty Men (My Bittersweet Family)

irector Kim Jung Wook
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Runtime 01:51:32
Completion Date:January 18, 2020

The protagonist Ki-seong is a 40-year-old head of the family who has an accidental father, a rejuvenated daughter and an ex-wife who remarries a classmate. The desperate family is obsessed with the four-room apartment that can be gathered again




Director Jossef Eliyahoo
Runtime 01:40:58
Completion Date:September 15, 2015

After a tragic incident. Ibrahim, a middle-class Palestinian citizen, is Struggling to fight back and revenge his anger on the Israelis. He joins his longtime friend Mohamad and his partner Amer who are planning to kidnap two Israeli travelers and demanding to trade them with Palestinian prisoners. Ibrahim is caught between two worlds when he has a sudden change of heart and his conscience comes into play.




Director Badiger Devendra
Runtime 01:54:19
Completion Date:January 15, 2020

This story plays in a small village called “Panjur Katti” in remote North Karnataka in India. "Rudri", who is living with her grandmother in small a hut is an sweet orphan girl. She is a jovial, brave and helpful person working in a small wayside restaurant that is a kilometre away from the village. She is very close to the hotel owner Shivabasappa as he treats her like his daughter. One day in the evening around 7pm four drunkards walk into the hotel for dinner.




Director Mohamed Fekrane, Gustavo Cortés Bueno
Runtime 01:20:00
Completion Date:May 15, 2020

Rashid is a young man who survives in Morroco boxing in clandestine fights in order to save anough money with which to pay a smuggler and be able to cross the Strait of Gibraltar with his two friends.


Long Day.jpg

Long Day

Director Yumo,Luo
Runtime 01:26:04
Completion Date:January 22, 2020

One day, a man bought a used electrical motorcycle and started delivering goods. On this day, Lan Xu and his girlfriend Li Can quarreled because of the pressure of life. In order to life continue, Li Can decided to leave his 3-year-old daughter An An and steal things from the store. Cashier Ms. Zhou was missed by the store manager for negligent work she did not find that Li Can stole things at this time. Ms. Zhou was fired by the boss.


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