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The Undying.jpg

The Undying

Writers Ian Sterchi, Keith Suta, Andrew Wiest
United States
Number of Pages:110

Set in the vast wilderness and mountains of Montana is a story of survival. Mankind has been nearly decimated by a plague that killed most and turned many into savage cannibals, zombie-like creatures. The few that remain must cling to the last remnants of their humanity as they survive in this new, harsh world. The Undying is the story of one man's journey through that last pockets of humanity, trying to escape his past while facing constant danger from zombies as well as men. Finding redemption in protecting a young girl who falls under his care. A brutal yet character driven story of humanity's ability to endure through great horror and opposition.

To Asmara.jpg

To Asmara

Writer Christopher Angel
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:112

The story follows Amna, a freedom fighter who was previously held captive by Ethiopian forces. She discovers the use of chemical weapons across Eritrea, and sets out to stop them, and in the process show the world what is happening. She enlists the help of journalist Darcy, photographer Christine, philanthropist Lady Julia Ashmore-Smith, chemical engineer Henry and two Eritreans; her commander Colonol Tesfay and pop star Moka Genete. The group set out to travel to the Asmara airport to get proof of the horrific war crimes taking place.

The Great Hunger.jpg

The Great Hunger

Writers Paul G. Andrews, Thomas Keneally, Meg Keneally, Roland Joffé
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:154

A young peasant woman and her family are caught in the mangle of the Famine and
its accompanying fevers, is torn between a peasant lover, a rural, impulsive rebel, and the articulate gentleman young Irelander Thomas Francis Meagher whom she has enchanted.
Bewildered and distracted by conflicting loves, she endures every phase of the Famine, and is at the one time the beauty and the crone that symbolises Famine Ireland.


Pen calligraphy hand lettering hustle

The Death of Jeremy

Writer David Seader
United States
Number of Pages:87

A man is haunted by memories of the time he spent as part of a class of gifted children who secretly helped craft the technology, culture, and commerce of the 1990s


Abstract Architecture

No Other Gods

Writer John Kestner
United States
Number of Pages:118

The ancient story of two rival religions fighting for the soul of a nation.


Dean Harakas.jpg

New Moon 5280

Writer Dean Harakas
United States
Number of Pages:10

A serial killer strikes Denver during the new moon.
Ignoring warnings that Denver's 'New Moon Killer' may strike again, a driven writer goes on his nightly 3 a.m. 'creative inspiration' run through the city.  


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The Christians - Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile

Writer Tony Gioutsos
United States
Number of Pages:120

Exploring the harrowing times of Christian persecution in history, a devoted present-day believer answers God’s call to greatness.




Writer Gregory Bonds
United States
Number of Pages:110

On a “search and rescue” mission with her Delta Unit in the Afghanistan mountains they run across a Raphaim Giant. The U.S. Government taps her unit to spearhead a “search and destroy” mission to find the Giant.


Behind The Wall.jpg

Behind The Wall

Writer Mike Sorrinni
United States
Number of Pages:80

Sergeant Max Tate has just arrived in occupied Berlin, he is quickly processed through and after graduating from the school of standards released to work with his fellow MPs. He learns quickly the ins and outs of living near the Berlin Wall, and settling into a somewhat normal life. They deal with alerts, exercises and the discovery of a two thousand pound British block buster bomb right next to a German daycare center.


The Postcard.jpg

The Postcard

Writer Mike Sorrinni
United States
Number of Pages:90

A young Nazi’s carefully balanced world is shattered upon the arrival of a mysterious postcard with only ‘Flee with her’ written on it. Fear over the exposure of his forbidden romance with his long time Jewish girlfriend continues to mount as questions from his commander arise over his closeness to her family. With time running out, and few options available he must decide his destiny between being a proud German soldier or saving the woman he loves.




Writer Yael Deynes
United States
Number of Pages:120

After being imprisoned under the Nazi law paragraph 175, a German gay man and a Jewish woman’s unbreakable bond help them endure the horrors of the holocaust. Soon after their liberation, he is re-arrested under the same Nazi law. She now has to find the strength and courage to try to set him free. Based on true Events.




Writers Ron Leach, Kristian Hodko
Number of Pages:80

The love affair of a young Scottish soldier, during the Second World War, puts life in perspective for a young gay man 50 years later.




Writer Kelly LaCombe
United States
Number of Pages:114

StarPeople2007 is a feature length script about other dimensional contact and lucid dreams.


YOUNG BOY A Feature Film.jpg

YOUNG BOY A Feature Film

Writer Rachel Jacob
United States
Number of Pages:112

One day, Franklin Young, being raised in the backwoods of Louisiana and struggling with his mother's illness and strained relationship with his father, has a mystical encounter in the woods; trying to convince his best friend of the mysterious event, and dealing with school and his family, this encounter alters life as he knows it and teaches him some valuable lessons along the way.


Abstract Lights


Writer Adrian Popa
United States
Number of Pages:90

IT genius gets murdered while trying to unveil a dangerous violent online conspiracy theory cult, leaving his mysterious life behind, just to be immediately picked up by someone whom his heart has being transplanted to.


Abstract Glow

Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan

Writer Francesco Pio Capussela
Number of Pages:111

In 3197, a solar-powered humanoid on an interplanetary mission tries to prevent the year 2051 from an interstellar radio dialogue after his friend's mysterious murder.


Blue Surface

True North

Writer Sophia Flot-Warner
United States
Number of Pages:85

True North is a passionate love story about a recently saved, Christian woman who wants to obey God by living a holy life as outlined in the Bible. She faces losing the man she loves because he wants nothing to do with her newfound principles or her God because of challenges his family faced in a church when he was a child. We watch her struggle to navigate pleasing God and saving her relationship. This faith based drama gives the true picture of what it looks like to live a life by faith. The story it tells includes the victories, challenges and falls on the journey through any Christian life. It answers the question: When we make the decision to follow Christ, what does that really look like?

Arcturus Rising.jpg

Arcturus Rising

Writer Robert Cox
United States
Number of Pages:109

A large spaceship glides over Peran, a moon circling a planet in the Arcturus System. Staying for a few moments, it drills a hole into the crust, deposits a box and silently leaves. Over 12,000 years later, Mining Colony Six occupies the same general area. The colony consists of six miners, a doctor and a geologist, the Doctor and the Geologist being married. It is 10 days until the end of their shift, and the crew is counting down the days. It’s boring work, but that is about to change.

Journal of A Dinka Boy.jpg

Journal of A Dinka Boy

Writer Jomo Merritt
United States
Number of Pages:118

Triplets NOAH, SIMON and MATTHEW’S mother dies in childbirth. Superstitious beliefs attribute her death and their birth to the fact that their mother was the daughter of an adulteress.
Twelve years later, turmoil erupts when part of the village converts to Christianity. Religion separates the villagers, some of whom want to retain the old ways. The triplets are sent away to a Christian school.
Government soldiers descend on the school and the village, razing it and killing all the adults. Islam is to be the new government-sponsored religion.



Writer Hakan Ünal
Number of Pages:20


Golden Marble


Writer Jonathan Zarantonello
United States
Number of Pages:107

In a video message, a girl invites other women to have sex with her boyfriend, but only if they leave her a review after.


Above The Horizon.jpg

Above The Horizon

Writer Russell Conley
United States
Number of Pages:100

A lifelong friend sees a friend's cry for help on social media which sends him on a journey to save his life.




Writer Piero Cannata
Number of Pages:

Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?


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