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Aragon Alley.jpg

Aragon Alley

Director Xavier Lee (Emil Lewis)
United States
Runtime  57:00
Completion Date:April 21, 2019

James, an American contractor, on a routine business trip to South Korea, starts to experience disturbances in his waking life and in his dreams. As he begins to lose his grip on reality, He realizes that there is more to his surroundings than he previously thought.
Real change starts from within.




Director Michael Amter
United States
Runtime 06:00
Completion Date:March 5, 2020

A symbolic experiment contemplating the human condition's struggle with mental health.


Items of Interest.jpg

Items of Interest

Director Scott Hellon
United States
Runtime 01:15:00
Completion Date:October 31, 2019

Mysterious handoffs take place from the northeastern American coast to the southwest towns near the Mexican border, as hidden surveillance abounds.


Intimacy of social distancing.jpg

Intimacy of social distancing: A trilogy

Director Sasha Benarie
Runtime 8:37
Completion Date:July 20, 2020

Intimacy of social distancing is a compilation of images recorded on a smartphone before, during and after the quarantine period between February and June 2020. It captures moments of urban daily life in a city that houses millions of people, symbols and lights. This trilogy shows images in which the viewer can easily empathize and look at the other with affection, appreciating the shared moments that life constantly brings us everyday. From an anthropological point of view, this piece contains a message to appreciate life’s inherent beauty no matter what the circumstances are.



United States
Runtime 10 minutes
Completion Date: 2020 - April

A dance and video exploration of how we interact with our environment. Shot on an urban beach, the dancers represent the conflicting aspects of industrialization and technology. On one hand, these have brought us, and will continue to bring us many wonderful things that have improved the quality of life for most of us. On the other, we have irrevocably altered our natural environment.


The Arscientic Andism – my romantic manifesto

Director Denise Schellmann
Runtime 17:07
Completion Date:June 10, 2020

My romantic manifesto of the Arscientic Andism is an unofficial pronouncement directed only at myself.
It manifests my path to access the indefinable area between art and science. „Arscientic“ is a composition of the terms „art“ and „science“. „Andism“ originates from the word „and“. It is the literal conjunction between art AND science, which provides their fusion. In this interspace, neihter categories nor limitations guarantee certainty and stability. A non–category defines this indefinable area.
In this video performance I refer to the transitory validity of principles, of rules. My inner voice guides me towards my 13 oughts of my romantic manifesto of the Arscientic Andism. I explore several intimate options of constructing and deconstructing it.

Silent Films

I Want to Breathe Sweet Air.jpg

I Want to Breathe Sweet Air

Directors Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran
United States
Runtime 10:57
Completion Date:June 12, 2020

"I Want to Breathe Sweet Air" a film poem in three parts, is a terribly beautiful indictment of careless land development and the impact of climate change on the natural environment.


About Her.jpg

About Her

Director Wagner Cinelli
Runtime 5:00
Completion Date:June 6, 2020

About Her deals with a sad and unfortunate worldwide issue: domestic violence against women. It is a silent animation movie. The images that alternate between past and present are enough to convey the message: we urgently need to talk about it. We must do it before it is too late.


Time will Tell.jpg

Time will Tell

Director Shoshana Rae Stark
Runtime 18:00
Completion Date:June 30, 2020

Our story takes place in the 18 century, in Europe. Three clockmakers are tasked with building a precise time instrument - metaphorically speaking, the future.


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