Alaska Long Hunters

Director Mark Rose
United States
Runtime 59:11
Completion Date:February 27, 2020

This story follows the life of a young pilot who flew in Alaska’s frontier arctic. Experience the front-seat thrills of bush planes and helicopters operating in the most dangerous conditions on earth, airborne among the magnificent mountains, glaciers and rivers that only Alaska has to offer. Includes true-life experiences of accidents, comradeship, humor and heartbreak of life in early Alaska, gone forever when dismantled into parks in the 1980’s.


Runtime 45 minutes
Completion Date:2019 - September

The film "The pictures come at night" accompanies the former forced laborer Czeslawa Wölfel in her last months of life. The old lady lives in a retirement home near Bielefeld. It is difficult for her to come to terms with her new home. Nobody really has time. And certainly no time to listen. It would be worth listening to stories from more than 80 years of German-Polish life, in which only violence and unconditional love for their children were reliable figures.


Runtime 94 minutes
Completion Date:2020 - January

The film investigates the tricky question about electric vehicles, and its approach in the media. A 90min film that brought our team into the congolese cobalt mines, the middle of the Chilean desert and in the heart of cars we opened up to uncover the truth. The film also presents an innovation we developed with Swiss universities. We can offer an app to those who are interested, alongside watching the film. It contains all investigative sources used during the filming of the documentary.


Director Olivier Hespel
Runtime 01:38:06
Completion Date:November 20, 2018

In search of our fragile humanity in the ghostly desert of the Dead sea.


RUACH (Spirit)

Director Adriana Man
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date:February 28, 2020

Ruach is Wind, is Breath, is Divine Breath, is Spirit ...
Ruaj is a documentary project to be carried out entirely in the State of Israel, by Argentines, Arabs and Israelis.
The Idea is to show, without political or religious inclinations, a Reality that the World does not know because it is not seen ... because it is not shown ... because ??


Van Gogh

Director Ma Mingzhu
Runtime 01:53:00
Completion Date:June 9, 2020

The movie “Van Gogh” depicts the painful yet passionate life of the famous Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh between the age of 24 to 37.
Unlike the short documentary "Van Gogh" shot in 1947 by Alain Resnais, which had illustrated Van Gogh’s different life stages and major events through some of his most famous paintings, this film showcases Van Gogh's short, tragic yet extremely glorious life journey through a deep look into a large number of his paintings, sketches, manuscripts and exploration of his former residences.

Father of a Broken Angel

Director Dhiney Ramos
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date:JJune 9, 2020

Mark Wijnen, a man like a million others on the planet. He works as a representative for a German cable company.
He is about to be a father and has his dreams and aspirations.
After the birth of Jasper, his son, his dream is threatened because Jasper suffers from strong epileptic seizures which compromise his existence.
Brain surgery is carried out. Mark's aspirations and desires shatter to pieces.

Until the last drop

Director Tim Webster
United Kingdom
Runtime 20:20
Completion Date:June 1, 2020

In an occupied land where water is a privilege, two farmers working the same land face increasingly unequal opportunities.
The West Bank has been home to Palestinian communities like Al Hadidiya for generations. Since occupying it in 1967, Israel has made it increasingly difficult for communities like Al Haddidya to access, maintain and own water systems. Water shortages have critical impacts on agriculture, livestock and households, while an abundance of water allows families and businesses to thrive in illegal settlements.

Diagnosing Healthcare

Director Paul Roberts
United States
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date:

A social-impact documentary that centers on health care reform. The intention of the film is to start a discussion and to spur debate about the future of health care. Through artistic footage, the film identifies the most problematic areas of the current mainstream health care system. Additionally, the film offers solutions in the form of fully developed, but relatively unknown, alternative health care plans. One such plan, developed by the film's creator (Paul Roberts), offers a 40% ($1.4 Trillion per year) cost-savings over the current cost of health care in America, while improving the care delivered. The film also features the merits of the Free-Market health care system. The solutions proposed in the film can be applied around the world as well. For this reason, the film is subtitled in 16 languages. The current COVID-19 pandemic highlights the contemporary relevance and importance of the film

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