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Mersey BoysA Letter from Al Moran.jpg

Mersey Boys: A Letter from Al Moran

Director Paddy Murphy
Runtime 10:00
Completion Date:March 14, 2018

Al Moran meets the young Beatles in a Liverpool pub. Years later a letter is found by Gerard Moran, Al's nephew, detailing the encounter. Is the story true? Or was Al Moran lying?


The third part.jpg

The third part

Director  Alicia Albares y Paco Cavero
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:2019-01-13

Sergio, a boy who is waiting urgently for a bone marrow transplant, is slowly turning off without seeing his last will fulfilled. Dr. Millán and his group of trusted doctors will do everything possible so that the child can see his dream fulfilled.


On part en vacances.jpg

On part en vacances ?

Director Joakim Scheidegger
Runtime 13:00
Completion Date:November 3, 2019




Director Andres Wolff
United States
Runtime 18:15
Completion Date:

One day, Sister Lucia woke up and found out that she was a woman before a nun. Her humanity was stronger than her vows. One day she finally decided to open her heart and confess her sin.




Director Justin MacGregor
Runtime 19:05
Completion Date:October 10, 2020

Set in a world running parallel to our own pandemic-gripped reality, ISOLATION dips into the life of John, a young man sequestered in his high-rise apartment, waiting in tandem with a paused outside world swept up in illness. Even locked doors in the sky can be knocked upon, however, and when his past comes knocking, his isolation is rocked.



Documentary "Chamur"

Director Tetiana Stanieva
Runtime 28:00
Completion Date:September 9, 2020

Chamur is a tradition that 20-30 years ago was absolutely typical for the Bulgarian village of Krynychne (Ukraine). Residents of the whole village gathered together and mixed clay with straw to create mudbricks which later would serve as bricks to build their houses, make their homes.




Director Anaëlle Morf
Runtime 7:24
Completion Date:March 1, 2020

A journalist investigates Europe's most innovative Escape Game.



Runtime 25 minutes
Completion Date:2019 - June

Khalil (Palestinian) works as a bricklayer in the construction of colonies in the Israeli military zone for which he obtains a daily pass that allows him to cross the border (checkpoint) at the times determined by the army. In the Israeli part where he works he has a Jewish girlfriend, Ofra; She is a student at the University and lives with her widowed father (Raziel) who is an important Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and with her sister Adifa who is captain of the Israeli army destined to command the checkpoint through which Khalil regularly crosses.



Runtime 13:16
Completion Date:2019-09-11

In a dezhumanized world where emotions are controlled by a gauge, Pipo, a factory worker falls in love with a woman sitting on a bench. He will try anything to attract her attention and seduce her with his own « language ».


Jacob's ladder.jpg

Jacob's ladder

Director  Francisco Brives
Runtime 19:57
Completion Date:2020-05-15

The Villaverde-Quiron sisters run a theater with swindles, exploitation of immigrants and love triangles. In the midst of all this chaos, a bag has been lost ... or stolen.




United States
Runtime 24:30
Completion Date:July 3, 2020

Two young professionals having an awful morning suddenly meet at a cafe in London. A day that starts out terrible doesn't have to end that way. FALAFEL plays like a mini-feature, with action, music, romance, moments of humor, and a touch of Bollywood.

The Lost Shadow.jpg

The Lost Shadow

Director Anil Gaur
United States
Runtime 18:00
Completion Date:August 28, 2020

Some love stories are meant to be incomplete, nevertheless they are the greatest of all. The Lost Shadow is such a love story dedicated to an imperishable bond of love that goes beyond time. How two souls that are deeply in love end up separating with a promise that could bring them together... will they ever see each other again?


Logged out.jpg

Logged out

Director Tobiasz Wałkiewicz
Runtime 12:56
Completion Date:February 1, 2020

Krzysiek is essentially glued to his smartphone and is constantly online on one of the social portals. However, when his friends keep nagging him about a meeting in a series of messages stacking up on his phone, he uses a cheap excuse and logs out. He now finds himself alone and with nothing to do. As he maunders around his apartment, he notices that his mirror reflection disappeared. Scared, he runs out on the street.


Whatever You Give It.jpg

Whatever You Give It

Director Juan Turon
United States
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date:August 31, 2020

Whatever You Give It depicts the mindset of a paranoid schizophrenic baby boomer living alone in a retirement building. Michael fears something tragic has happened to Lucy, the pizza delivery girl and requests the services of a therapist to make sense of his fears but learns that loneliness is the scariest of them all.




Director Richard Lu Jia Wellershoff
Runtime 30:30
Completion Date:August 4, 2020

A comet fragment hits a city, spewing vile poisons. A Dark Lady sows death within apartment blocks. A girl, who sells drugs for a living, struggles to keep her life from falling apart in the midst of a disintegrating world.


The Menu for Tomorrow.jpg

The Menu for Tomorrow

Director Woody - Kazuhiro Kiuchi
Runtime 19:57
Completion Date:January 1, 2020

Reiwa Wedding Hall is one of the popular wedding halls in Tokyo. Their new chef, Saki, is always busy planning new menus.
However, one day, something unusual happens.
In the middle of the menu selection meeting, Ishimori working in sales department rushes in as he receives one request about the menu from his customers.



Runtime 29:33
Completion Date:December 20, 2018

This is the story of Tamara, forced to make a choice that leads her to leave her homeland and to immigrate. By abandoning a loved one. In France, to win her life, she works as a dancer in a Latino club. Whose boss watches Tamara closely. Outside of her working hours, she finds joy with a faithful companion, her only friend. But one tragic event will force Tamara to flee, again, and to make new



Director Jim Winton Porter
Runtime 8:18
Completion Date:May 10, 2020

In a new pandemic world; the rules have changed. What do you believe? Who do you trust?
An older couple struggle with these questions: her- a nurse in lock down at a hospital; him- at home in Government imposed isolation.




Director Aimiende Negbenebor Sela
United States
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:February 10, 2020

A grieving husband comes to terms with the loss of his wife the only way he knows how, on a night that would have marked their eighteenth year wedding anniversary.


Skin Deep.jpg

Skin Deep

Directors Justin Giddings , Ryan Welsh
United States
Runtime 7:15
Completion Date:

When Nature Springs Cosmeceuticals creates a cream to reverse aging, the fountain of youth turns into a fountain of walking death. One man stands between the fate of humanity and the undead scourge, and that man is Danny Edelman, frustrated scientist and reluctant zombie slayer. Danny, researcher Rachel, a security guard, and a marketing exec have twelve hours to stop the attack. Their adventures take on an edge of comedy, romance, horror and the power of one cosmetics company’s search for eternal youth



Director Rami Cohen
United States
Runtime 10:45
Completion Date:February 10, 2019

Years ago, when Jason was a kid, he knew he could always count on one person to have his back, his imaginary friend Fig. Fig was Jason’s best friend and surrogate mother, until one day when she took things too far standing up to one of Jason’s bullies. That’s when Jason’s real mother banished Fig and left Jason broken and unprotected. Now Jason is an adult and Fig is back. She’s unleashing her pent-up rage on Jason’s enemies. Jason is ill-equipped to handle this. Everyone always told him Fig was imaginary, but he must figure out a way to stop Fig. I mean, sure they had it coming, but gruesome murders have a way coming back to bite people in the ass… Eventually.

The Favor.jpg

The Favor

Director HENRY Bruno
Runtime 14:24
Completion Date:November 12, 2019

CHRISTELLE works with PASCAL. They appreciate each other, are courteous to each other and are inclined to render each other mutually. But Christelle becomes strange, absent and bothered. One Sunday while Pascal is at home with his family, Christelle calls him and asks him to come because she has a problem. Worried, Pascal immediately goes home. There, she asks him to make him a child. Pascal, a good family man, is shocked and tries to bring her back to reason but the more he opposes, the more Christelle tries to convince and charm him.



Director Leeron Revah
Runtime 17:07
Completion Date:January 5, 2020

When you think it's the end of everything, it's really only the beginning.
Sa'ar, a crisis management consultant, is working through her own personal crisis. She journeys through the five stages of grief as she reconciles with the death of her marriage. From the high hills of Jerusalem to the depths of the Dead Sea, Saar struggles to accept her own transformation.

The Eve - Short film 2015.jpg

The Eve - Short film 2015

Director Luca Machnich
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date:August 21, 2015

Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory.


The Electrishman & the three Elves.jpg

The Electrishman & the three Elves

Director Fabian Joest
Runtime 13:46
Completion Date:July 10, 2020

"Jordi the electrician is heartbroken, the woman he loves in his hometown in rural Mallorca doesn´t want him. The three elves are forced to interrupt their beach vacation to help".




Director Yizhuo WANG
Runtime 26:58
Completion Date:July 7, 2020

In order to fulfill his mother’s last wish, Shi BaoShan, a middle-aged teacher, searches for the remains of his father who died during the Cultural Revolution. Little did he know, his only clue Yang JiuLong is old and sick, and his memory is blurred. Shi BaoShan tries to recall Yang JiuLong’s memories, but finds out Yang JiuLong is the reason why his father passed away. In the end, Shi BaoShan must make a choice between his conscience and the truth.

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