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Director Sophya Katulska
Runtime 7:28
Completion Date:April 2, 2020

It's a story about loosing anxiety of every single person and the whole world.
We made a script and production before the pandemia, but now it also can be our requiem for all victims.

Blue Hour.jpg

Blue Hour

Director Sam Ip Siu Chung
Hong Kong
Runtime  12:31
Completion Date:August 16, 2020

11th June, 2019, Hong Kong:
a food delivery driver’s first night on the job.
Kaho faced with an unfamiliar interface, his 11 year-old son Sixo takes the lead.
One motorcycle and two food deliverers, mission complete. At the end, father and son meet again to a sky ready for a new day, as they brave their next destination on the highway.



Director Emmanuel Noyon
Runtime 04:00
Completion Date:Sep-2020

Music video for Clarys, "La tempete"
From the acclaimed album "De là"

UMOYA (1970).jpg

UMOYA (1970)

Director Jason Sterling
United States
Runtime 10:11
Completion Date:

Wanted in 28 countries and 6 Continents, from the FBI, CIA, all the way to Interpol. This mysterious assassin, is referred to only as UMOYA (Meaning GHOST in Zulu) because his face is the last seen by his victims. Just before or when they realize that they are about be killed. Starring World Martial Arts Champion, Jason Sterling.


Adam In Aeternum.jpg

Adam In Aeternum

Director Pedro Jaen R.
Runtime 14:58
Completion Date:September 29, 2020

An exhausted traveler reaches the border of the world chasing his destiny: to face the demon that caused his misfortune.



Directors Raquel Pastor,  Clhoé Calderón  
Runtime 5:05
Completion Date:Jul-2020

A man wakes up and discovers that he has become half a woman. He asks for help from his wife, who cannot believe what she is seeing.


The Immortality of Words.jpg

The Immortality of Words

Director Nei Loya
Runtime 25:00
Completion Date:Oct-2020

Alfonso, a young literature professor who is fascinated by poetry, particularly the works of Federico García Lorca, returns to Granada 20 years later to teach classes as a substitute professor at the university.
While he is waiting to be given the keys to his modest rental flat in the city center, he stays with his Aunt Mercedes and Uncle Juan, who is a retired member of the military known for his bravery on the front during the Spanish Civil War.

The secret of the goddes.jpg

The secret of the goddes

Director Lorenzo Antonioni
Runtime 26:00
Completion Date:May-2019

In the time of the Etruscans there is a fervor of activity to prepare the festival of the Goddess of fertility. Vulca, who works for a ceramics maker, is a young boy who wonders about the mystery of the divine and who begins an inner journey emerging himself in nature. His desire for knowledge pushes him even to tear back the sacred veil of the Goddess’s tabernacle in order to discover its secret.


Life between.jpg

life between

Director Valeria Candio
Runtime 19:00
Completion Date:Apr-2019

Life between is a video project in which the art of dance, mime and cinematographic image meet and merge stripped of any virtuosity: it makes them play, fight with each other to paint human being history. A performer and her alter ego cross all seasons of living in an attempt to find a so fragile balance between soul and consciousness, between spiritual growth and social conditioning, heart and mind, good and evil. Life, between.



Director Deepak Reddy
Runtime 16:37
Completion Date:January 29, 2020

A young man muses on the nature of love, recounting three relationships from his past. The girls in his life resemble three different seasons, namely Chaitra (Spring), Varsha (Monsoon) & Seeta (Winter).



Colors: Green

Director AK Srikanth
Runtime 16:16
Completion Date:September 24, 2020

Green is the first part of the Colors trilogy based on the colors of the Indian flag. The founding fathers of India had a vision for the people of the great nation. This series examines the lives of three such everyday women and leaves it to the viewers to decide whether the hopes of the Founding fathers were realized in these lives.




Director Oksana Barkovskaya
Russian Federation
Runtime 20:40
Completion Date:February 1, 2020

A six year old boy diagnosed with autism suffers from a lack of parents love. The only person whom he loves and who understands him is his nanny. Once an unsettling story takes place on a playground - his nanny is arrested. The boy is left alone in a big world that is more than hostile towards him.


Infinity by Two.jpg

Infinity by Two

Director David Pinczes
Runtime 14:40
Completion Date:September 29, 2020

A usual conversation between two grumpy old men is especially boring when they already know each other’s thoughts. However, the conversation about life, chess and memories becomes absurd as the only topic that has never been discussed before arises – and this puts all previous events into a whole different perspective.




Director Anaëlle Morf
Runtime 5:00
Completion Date:September 1, 2020

When "Saw" meets "Top Chef"



Director Mehmet Tığlı
Runtime 14:50
Completion Date:December 11, 2019

An old man spends the day wandering the streets of Istanbul. He communicates with the trees and seagulls rather than other people. All day, he checks the ATMs to find change like a child, even though he does not own an ATM card. He gets happy when he finds money and indignant when he doesn’t. For the old man, life is like a game that has remained from his childhood. And the sycamore leaves are a part of this innocent game.


The Apartment.jpg

The Apartment

Director Raphaël Frydman
Runtime 7:00
Completion Date:October 1, 2019

The director rented an apartment in the residence where he grew up.
He hadn’t been back in 30 years.


《You were never really here》.jpg

《You were never really here》

Director Zero Hu
Runtime 10:30
Completion Date:

I am the devil in your eyes,what about in my eyes?

Silent Movie.jpg

Silent Movie

Director Melo Viana
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:March 19, 2020

The “Cinema Mudo” project is the realization of a short film and at the same time helping and integrating residents of a community living in a high-risk area. All children (actors and actresses) who work in the movie are residents in the community Vila Torres, an at-risk area in Curitiba. They were chosen after a theater classes for children held in that community as part as the film project.



Director Kiliána Kilián
Runtime 14:55
Completion Date:August 11, 2019

The main character got a strange call, from a broken vintage phone. The caller invited her for a date. She didn’t know who the caller was but she accepted the invitation and she is going on an adventure which she didn’t expect at all.

TECHOUVA - Repentance.jpg

TECHOUVA - Repentance

Director Stéphane ROUX
Runtime 13:15
Completion Date:July 25, 2019

Nowadays. Two twin sisters.
Lila lives in Paris and Sarah lives in Tel Aviv.
A serious fault has been committed, which demands compensation.
One has to repent and go for Techouva.


Your choice to believe or not.jpg

Your choice: to believe or not

Director Igor Dyachenko
Russian Federation
Runtime 39:28
Completion Date:March 31, 2020

A young man accidentally encounters his old girlfriend. She assures that they have never met before. He recalls the story of their acquaintance and separation. The former tenderness, resentment and unfulfilled dreams wake up. On this day, both of them have a lot to learn about each other and about themselves.


Do No Harm.jpg

Do No Harm

Director Gabriel Horn
Runtime 5:40
Completion Date:June 15, 2019

In Do No Harm, Ami, 30’s, visits his severely ill brother,
Lavi in hospital. Lavi is terrified and the two share a most meaningful hug. Ami barely notices the negligence that his brother continuously suffers and when he arrives later at night Lavi is no longer there. Discovering Lavi’s notes left behind, Ami is left with a choice as to how to deal with his legacy...


Gel Douche.jpg

Gel Douche

Directors Jason Seelmann, Jen Leclaire
Runtime 5:00
Completion Date:June 12, 2020

A man gets ready for a blind date, only to discover he is out of body wash. Does he go without washing? What would you do?


Quiet on Set.jpg

Quiet on Set

Director Jeanette Buck
United States
Runtime 7:46
Completion Date:January 1, 2020

An actress assaulted on a film set during the filming of a sex scene, must choose whether to pursue accusations or complete the film that could start her career.




Director Sébastien Esther
Runtime 5:16
Completion Date:May 8, 2019

Set in the 1950's a strong-willed, respectable yet vulnerable lady seeks advice, comfort and solace from a therapist concerning a difficult marriage to her verbally and physically abusive husband who has pushed her to the point of no return, yet the audience is left questioning this therapists intentions towards his client...


I, Help Me.jpg

I, Help Me

Director Borij Levski
Runtime 11:15
Completion Date:May 15, 2020

What would you do if you find yourself face to face with your own fears, worries, dreams and wishes. Could you talk to your saviour and be honest? Or would you just throw away every information the universe gives us?


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