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Far Far Away.jpg

Director Tony Ardolino
United States
Runtime 5:40
Completion Date: October 4, 2019

The classic fairy tales get an LGBTQ twist in this new series where a Gay Snow White, a Lesbian Rapunzel, and a Trans Cinderella must venture into the forbidden forest to get their happily ever after.


Far Far Away

Jekyll Hyde Gray.jpg

Director Andrea Williams
United States
Runtime   1:15
Completion Date: July 20, 2019

What if Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray knew each other and were women?
Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray are connected by various friends. Their stories interlace through tragedy and bloody circumstances.

Jekyll Hyde Gray

2 Below 0 (Trailer).jpg

Director Tim Cash
United States
Runtime   2:31
Completion Date: July 9, 2019

Frostbitten & love smitten! It's the bitterly cold Winter of 1979 as Rusty types away in his trailer. His fiancé had just left him at the alter and in response, Rusty uproots himself from Minnesota and relocates to the middle of nowhere. He's not completely alone for Alice, whom he refuses to accept has left his side, stands nearby in the form of a mannequin. Rusty's new utopia is disturbed by Babs, Ruth-Ann & Fran; three local bullies who developed a jealous streak towards Alice. Their reconnaissance mission begins & the snowballs fly as the temperature plummets '2 Below 0'!

2 Below 0 (Trailer)

The Difference.jpg

Director YuBin Zheng
Runtime 8:47
Completion Date: June 20, 2019

The younger sister Vanessa is sheltered by her older sister Zoe during her childhood. They have a strong and loving relationship. Although they live together, after Zoe found a job, their relationship starts to sour.


The Difference

LOVE SONG - The Trailer.jpg

Director Ian Woodward
Runtime 3:08
Completion Date: January 1, 2014

LOVE SONG is a biopic drama based on ground-breaking research by Tchaikovsky aficionado and filmmaker Ian Woodward and reveals for the first time the heart-breaking true story behind the creation of Tchaikovsky’s fantasy overture Romeo and Juliet which spawned the world’s most famous love theme. It is a cinematic first that has rocked the classical-music Establishment.

LOVE SONG - The Trailer

Web / New Media

Location Scouts.jpg

Director Christiaan Van Vuuren
Runtime 5:00
Completion Date:

Two unlikely misfits, "Millennial" Morgan and "Baby Boomer" Steve are forced to work together as location scouts on the upcoming Australian feature film, 'Top End Wedding'. During their misadventures in Australia's Northern Territory, Steve, a seasoned location scout who is in the NT for work (and work only), finds the holiday of a lifetime, while Morgan, who is there for what she thinks will be a holiday, finds a job for life.

Location Scouts

AREA 420 Episode Two.jpg

Director Henry Goren, Wayne Darwen
United States
Runtime 13:32
Completion Date: July 13, 2019

‘Area 420’ is the much anticipated sequel to ‘High There,’ the award-winning, cult hit mockumentary film that chronicled the pot and booze-powered misadventures of Dave High, a burned-out TV writer and producer with a powerful weakness for pot, booze and any other mind-altering substance within his reach.

In ‘High There,’ poor old Dave would mysteriously disappear after becoming entangled in a nightmarish tropical underworld of sex, drugs, narcs, and nut cases while in Hawaii trying to make a TV travelogue for stoners.

AREA 420 Episode Two

Video travel

Tokyo- Tradition & Modernity.jpg

Director Ido Simchoni
Runtime 1:40
Completion Date: September 15, 2019

A short travel film telling the story of the city Tokyo, and depicting it's contrast between tradition and modernity

Tokyo- Tradition & Modernity

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