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Director Nina Vedmitskaya
Russian Federation
Runtime 21:39
Completion Date: April 1, 2019

The protagonist, when going to the job interview, is ready for any questions and any scenario. But it's impossible to be ready to what is going to happen. The forgotten passport is the most inoffensive thing among all the forthcoming whirligigs. But neither a meticulous security guard, a horny old charwoman, an experimental drug, nor robbers with SWAT - nothing will stop our protagonist from getting the best job in the world. One only needs to believe in oneself!



Director Elizaveta Pavlovskaya
Russian Federation
Runtime 4:22
Completion Date: January 15, 2019

A fantastic story about a person’s need to know if he made the right choice. In the office of a small construction company, a telephone was found through which everyone can contact themselves in 10 years. How will this affect the residents of the city?




Director Liu Chang, Sheng Yitong
Runtime 17:00
Completion Date: July 31, 2018

An actress who often upload her vlogs on the social network, when receiving a drama performance offer, she starts a journey of a spiritual dialogue to find her true self. Under the big social network environment, how can a public figure in the Internet world find a balance between herself and the people on the internet, and how can she find self-identity in the confusion of her own feelings and the Internet public opinion?



Director Molotov Mitchell
United States
Runtime 14:59
Completion Date: May 30, 2019


A masked bounty hunter and a beautiful femme fatale fight to escape the ruthless gang of psychopaths they’ve robbed in this non-stop, postapocalyptic action flick. Featuring U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer Molotov Mitchell and the award-winning stunt work of Triangle Krav Maga.


Please, call me David....jpg

Director Sarah-Stephanie Skjoldevik
United Kingdom
Runtime 13:58
Completion Date: August 31, 2019

Mo Chou a neuroscience student, is engaged. Online she finds David, a retired man, with a rather mundane life. She convinces David to teach her sex to impress her future husband. As their relationship develops over a few months, David is tangled in a web of lies so confusing he can’t keep up himself. “Please Call me David” is a heartfelt comedy about a nontraditional relationship and the randomness of online meetings.

Please, call me David...

The Nun's Kaddish.jpg

Director Luis ismael
Runtime 6:37
Completion Date: June 12, 2019

A heart-warming vignette that portrays a true story of inter-religious kindness when a Nun observes a Jewish ritual.


The Nun's Kaddish


Director Fabian Döring, Adrian Hagenguth
Runtime 34:43
Completion Date: March 12, 2019

When Victor's four-legged companion Amaro is on the verge of death, he has a morbid idea how to keep his buddy with him.



Director Huang Yuankai
Runtime 15:49
Completion Date: April 18, 2019

Li Yang, a psychological doctor, one night he got off work as usual, but there was a car accident happened oh his way home. After he destroyed the man's body, he thought he was safe, however, the same thing happened again at the second night, he seemed to be caught in a perpetual curse......


They Scream in Silence.jpg

Director Ashray Dravidian
United States
Runtime 24:20
Completion Date: November 16, 2018

Many decades after the war, Berek Kaufman, a Holocaust survivor and a renown painter faces the terrors of his past. Which torn opens the decade-old wound, ultimately making him realize just how fragile life is.


They Scream in Silence

Disjointed Triangle

Director Jonathan Avershal
United States
Runtime 17:55
Completion Date: May 9, 2019

When Jimmy Macon gets locked out of his house before a huge interview, he must get across town without his phone, wallet, and most importantly, his pants.


Brief Encounters


Director Alex Meridy
United States
Runtime 4:43
Completion Date: May 31, 2019

A young detective struggles to balance personal feelings and work.


Kaishaku, the Honor of Samurai.jpg

Director Toshi Asaka
Runtime 19:51
Completion Date: June 10, 2018

The Samurai Movie with many sword fighting scenes done by the real Japanese sword masters. It is the indie Samura movie with real masters and locations that is a remaining true Samurai Houses talking about Seppuku, a.k.a. Harakiri, which is the most honorable death for Samurai.
Seppuku, a.k.a. 'Harakiri' is considered as the most honorable death for Samurai. It was only allowed for the respected Samurai. Kaisyaku is the person who gives the clean death after Seppuku. He was chosen from the most Important person from the man of the honor.

Kaishaku, the Honor of Samurai

The Accordion.jpg

Director Sandip Banerjee
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: January 10, 2017

"The reflection of an immigrant old man on the distorted mirror called society, as his unfulfilled quest of finding his own self continues." - The story of the film revolves mainly around the basis of karmic cycle, which is portrayed by a surreal and psychological journey of the main protagonist and the whole essence of it holds up to a quote-"Try to discover who am I from my choice of words and colours", which is the main philosophical quotient of this film as well as describes the inner self/voice of the main protagonist. The protagonist is shown drifting from one form to another and then to an absolute where he meets his own philosophy but does not exhibit throughout, as no words (dialogue) could reflect his philosophy.

The Accordion


Director Yury Sholin
Russian Federation
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: May 1, 2019

The stray dog of Naida becomes the only friend of the severe security guard Sergey who lost meaning of life after loss of the family. But he should make difficult a choice soon...



Queen Crocodile.jpg

Director Charles Habib-Drouot
Runtime 29:30
Completion Date: January 3, 2019

Rayna is a Bulgarian prostitute, working in Brussels’ Red Light District. One night, she shares a mystical and sexual moment with an African client, who dies shortly after. That night will haunt her…


Queen Crocodile

The Last Dream of Kabuki.jpg

Director Wanderson Dos Santos, Fini Maza
United States
Runtime 4:57
Completion Date: January 17, 2019

The Last Dream of Kabuki through a XII century Japanese style poetry highlights the passion, honor and death of our main subject connected to present day.
This visual poem shot in a dreamy landscape it shows us the inner struggles and demons that we can all relate to.

The Last Dream of Kabuki

New Woman.jpg

Director Benjamin Noah
Runtime 19:52
Completion Date:

A gothic tale concerning a male pickpocket and a wealthy woman descending into a labyrinth of terror in 1888.

New Woman

The one who will show you the way.jpg

Director Andrey Gil
Runtime 13:36
Completion Date: February 27, 2019

War. 2018. Gray zone in the Luhansk region. The soul of the deceased girl Sabina gets into the conditional square of Chavdar with her guide Gabriella, trying to save the wounded Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The one who will show you the way


Director Fernando Ruiz
Runtime   3:00
Completion Date: Dec 2017

What happens if everything you take for granted is not what it seems?
Sometimes it happens that when we believe that we are safe in the security provided by the home, it becomes a trap from which you can not escape.



Director  Jeremiah Kaufman, Ester Stancel
United States
Runtime 6:00
Completion Date: January 31, 2019

The hand of King Saul's daughter, Merav, will go to the man who defeats the Giant. David prepares for the epic duel.




Director Suzy Sainovski
Runtime 14:22
Completion Date: February 9, 2019

A young Syrian girl fleeing the horrors of the civil war suddenly finds herself with more responsibility than she can handle




Director Guy Bordin, Renaud De Putter
Runtime 26:00
Completion Date: October 10, 2018

Charlotte Dufrène spent twenty-three equally fascinating and anxious years with the dazzling writer Raymond Roussel between 1910 and 1933. What remains of them during her sad exile in Brussels (1935-1968)? The singer Paule Daloze and the poet John Ashbery knew her at the time. With the essayist Annie Le Brun, and the collaboration of the actress Aurore Latour, they probe the silences of this forgotten figure and give her back her voice.

Voices of Charlotte Dufrène


Director Naomi Lisner
Runtime 8:22
Completion Date: March 13, 2019

Aviva a starving Jewish woman hides alone in the forest. She witnesses a German farmer beating his son brutally with a stick. Aviva sets out to help him knowing the risks if caught.



Χωρίς Λόγο (Without any Reason).jpg

Director Franziska Häny
Runtime 10:04
Completion Date: May 19, 2019

Χωρίς Λόγο (Choris Logo) is a small film that exemplifies how large (often multinational) companies tend to deal with their employees and workers: It is shown by the – from the point of view of the company – insignificant case of Coca-Cola HBC, which has closed the production plant in Thessaloniki.

Χωρίς Λόγο (Without any Reason)

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