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A Hand Sewn Star.jpg

Director Rebecca Wengrow
Runtime  9:05
Completion Date: October 17, 2018

On a summer's day, a tree sees a family coming towards it. The children play, the father hums a nursery rhyme to his daughter, the mother sews something on everyone's clothes. When the mother finishes sewing, everyone puts on their clothes, and the tree looks away, the child runs to the tree one last time, but everything is different.

A Hand Sewn Star


Director Marina Stepanska
Runtime  10:00
Completion Date: July 12, 2019

“Desaturated” is a 10-minute visual comedy. The comedic value of the film is built on the fact that the character knows that she is a character in a film, and is trying to overcome the visual clichés without which we cannot imagine modern cinema. The main conflict of the character is in her having a colour that is different from the general colour treatment of the film. In 9 minutes, the character must bring everything to the same colour palette.
 The film is set in realist Lviv, with a focus on the visual colour conflict of modern Lviv (old architecture that is chaotically painted in bright colours)


Out of Stock.jpg

Director Fabricio D´alessandro
Runtime 12:00
Completion Date: Apr 2018

Teo and Clara live in an old furniture store as if they were part of the furniture for sale. Everything changes when Romero, a curious pedestrian, decides to buy Clara. From that moment on, Teo will be torn between getting himself bought or trying to get out of his monotonous life.


Out of Stock


Director Andreas Flack
Runtime  6:46
Completion Date: June 29, 2019

Mordechai tells the story of how one man's inner freedom keeps a flame alive. A prisoner walks around the prison yard, carefully examining any piece of paper he stumbles across. His eccentricity is in stark contrast to the harsh environment and especially the down-to-earth Chahmi, who views him with some incedulity. As days turn to night, Mordechai's perceptive behaviour changes and Chahmi and may ultimately teach him what freedom truly means. Mordechai tells the story of inner convictions and their power to survive and even triumph under any circumstance.


The Executioner.jpg

Director Cao Shengyu
Runtime  5:28
Completion Date: October 28, 2019

What will you do if you fell in love with the same woman with your brother? We began to have secrets. We didn’t share joys and sorrows anymore.It’s not what pure love should be. My dear, I’m coming for you.


The Executioner

My Adventure.jpg

Director Roman Gregorička
Runtime  23:00
Completion Date:

A boy and his father are struggling together in their city life. One day father took his son into the wild, trying to teach him a real life lesson.
A short drama about courage, the power of nature, family, and surviving the unknown challenges of the life.


My Adventure


Director Kentaro Kishi
Runtime  29:59
Completion Date: November 1, 2018

War photographer Kentaro, who went missing in the Middle East. 3 years later, his daughter Kanae had become a primary school student. In those days, her mother Momoko returned back to Japan with the relic camera in her hands. Momoko implored Kanae to go to America together.




Director Helene Schweitzer, Charles Meunier
United Kingdom
Runtime  10:24
Completion Date: August 31, 201


Battery Box.jpg

Director Jeremy Applebaum
United States
Runtime  4:00
Completion Date:

Sam reminisces over her recently deceased boyfriend over the strange way he would show her affection - AA Batteries.


Battery Box

Lucas' World.jpg

Director Thomas Hirgorom
Runtime  15:29
Completion Date: March 1, 2018

Lucas is a young fisherman from Corsica who has just been hired. He works with his boss to catch bluefin tuna off the coast of Corsica. In the middle of the Mediterranean, he learns his future work.


Lucas' World


Director Marcelo Giannini
Runtime  9:54
Completion Date: September 27, 2018

"Photographys" was based on a chronicle by Edson Athayde. The short film tells the story of a character who, at a certain point in his life, begins to wonder about how he kept his memories and his particular way of looking at everyday life, relating to his photographic records.



That Good Night.jpg

Director Robert Rosenbaum
United States
Runtime  11:55
Completion Date: May 31, 2019

While on a long sleepy drive through the country with her husband Jack, Susan dreams of a farm where they can share their lives together. But when they arrive at a place just like she imagined, her dream morphs into a haunting nightmare. What she discovers as she struggles to know what is ‘real’ changes both their forevers.

That Good Night

Strange Love.jpg

Director Tobias Hambauer
Runtime  13:30
Completion Date: October 19, 2018

Markus (27) is an outsider, he felt in love in a girl, who´s working in a shop for girls clothing. He´s to afraid to say that he love her, so he always buys girls clothing in this shop.


Strange Love


Director  Sean Guerrero
United States
Runtime  5:46
Completion Date: January 15, 2019

The film is about a woman with breast cancer suffering abuse in various forms from family, businesses and relationships despite her near-death suffrage. *Note* The lead female actress did have 'Breast Cancer' in real life who had Chemo therapy the day before a full day shoot she devoted herself too.



As We Fall.jpg

Director Jim Winton Porter
Runtime 8:28
Completion Date: March 17, 2019

A man and a woman share tragedies that bring them together.

As We Fall


Director   Raúl Koler,  Emiliano Sette  
Runtime   15 minutes
Completion Date: Jan 2019

What on a first instance appears to be a conflict between good and evil, is just a struggle within every single one of us.
The options are clear: to cope with evil and to continue fighting for our dreams, scarred. The other option is to surrender submissive to the designs of others.
Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity's hapinness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers.



Runtime    12 minutes
Completion Date:  2018 - October

It is the story of a man who is unfaithful and little by little he realizes that he must correct his mistakes



Runtime    29 minutes
Completion Date:  2019 - April

Nucleus Through his research, Falk Marna has succeeded in using bacteria to synthesize a fluid that reveals a form of communication in carbon atoms. Falk thinks he knows what guides the souls of his fellow human beings deep inside. Yolanda, his colleague, considers the stimulated state of the carbon atoms not as a conspiracy of nature but as a delusional projection of him. Falk connects the process with the experiments of Arthur Eddington in 1919 on the island of Príncipe, where he wanted to prove Einstein's theory of relativity. Eddington was able to show the orbital light deflection using the Hyades during a solar eclipse. Falk increasingly isolates himself on his inner island Príncipe as he approaches the evidence.



Runtime    24 minutes
Completion Date: 2018 - September

Modou, a young Gambian, returns to his home country after having lived illegally in Europe for five years. Back home, his family and friends do not recognize him anymore. Modou’s detached and apparently indifferent attitude pushes him away from his family. On top of that, the debts he left behind years ago have not been forgotten by local fixer Jimmy. Suffering from intense flashbacks of his migrant journey, he wonders what has become of him…


INSANE LOVE - when love hides something

Director Eitan Pitigliani
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: October 10, 2018

Alessandro is a young Italian fashion model whose life seems to have reached a dead end when, one day, walking down the streets of Rome, he bumps into Sophia, a young girl from Argentina, with whom he falls desperately in love, right from the very first moment he sees her. Loving her becomes the whole purpose of his life, to the point that it seems to take him to another world. When the story with Sophia ends, Alessandro finds himself alone, face to face with reality.

INSANE LOVE - when love hides something you don't wanna see

Black Oil Painting

Director  jiyoung jung
Runtime 9:00
Completion Date: August 29, 2019

romance : the love can not made


the letter

A Disturbed Reflection.jpg

Director Anthony Cintron
Runtime 8:12
Completion Date: August 17, 2019

A depressed man finds himself having a bad day; he drags himself to his friends house only to find his negativity reflecting back at him in a mirror


A Disturbed Reflection


Runtime 15:40
Completion Date: July 6, 2019

The night that the meteor crossed, the wish that was unintentionally made.Finally ,I heard another frequency sound.


The Scandal of Grace.jpg

Director John-William Noble
United Kingdom
Runtime 9:31
Completion Date: August 12, 2019

A short film about a teenage girl who moves in with her new adopted parents.


The Scandal of Grace

The Heavy Burden.jpg

Director Yilmaz Özdil
Runtime 17:00
Completion Date: February 28, 2019

Hosted by his uncle in Turkey, a young Kurd from Syria decides to return to his country to bring back his young donkey to replace his uncle's old donkey recently "retired" by the municipality of the city.


The Heavy Burden

《Invisible Waves》.jpg

Director Jianxing Chen
Runtime 25:00
Completion Date: August 17, 2019

A treasure named Bodhi Iron belongs to the Witch in village is missing, she claims it was stolen by a child called Cairang who also stays in the same village. Cairang told the Witch it probably a friend of his called Sanci stole it as Sanci mentioned about Bodhi Iron recently, and Sanci is thinking about leaving the village. The Witch reached to Sanci, but the whole thing is out of her expectation.

《Invisible Waves》

Race Anonymous.jpg

Director Melanee Murray-Hunt
Runtime 13:00
Completion Date: May 20, 2017

Can race be an addiction? Can a culture, countries and whole groups of people be hooked on the false "high" of racial identity? An alternate Universe where anything can happen, Race Anonymous is one part political treatise and one part trek through the strange, taboo twilight zone of race in North America. Kyle, an out of work construction worker, hones in on his "suspicious looking" co-workers, only to realize that they are not who he thinks they are. In his journey to recover from race- and other addictions- he realizes that he has a choice- about who he can be.

Race Anonymous

Catman's Greenock.jpg

Director  James Kearny Beaton and Leo Bruges
United Kingdom
Runtime 10:31
Completion Date: September 28, 2018

In the town of Greenock, west coast of Scotland, there is urban legend of a man called the Catman. Who is said to be a Half-man, half-feral creature that lives outside crawls around on all four’s and eats only what he can find.
In this short docs-fiction the filmmakers imagine him as a part-vagrant, part philosopher, part supernatural presence, who leads us on a journey through the post-industrial harbour town, where he lives.
Catman’s Greenock is as much a poetic film about a dying town as it is about the mythology of a local hero.

Catman's Greenock


Runtime   14:00
Completion Date: 2019 - June

Luz is a little girl who shows a clear nursing vocation after her father's fateful accident. With the strong desire to feel again in the arms of her dad, Luz will create around her father's limited life a universe, giving hope to their lives, until one day, everything stops.




Director Jérémie SCHELLAERT
Runtime   20:00
Completion Date: 2019 - May

For his annual holidays, a car mechanic, passionate about westerns, goes on vacation in search Sergio Leone's movie sets. From the center of France to the south of Spain, he tries to live the adventure like a cowboy. But on arrival the myth is confused between dream and reality ...




Runtime   2:00
Completion Date: Oct 2018

Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. An invisible phenomenon Ana is going to suffer. If nobody avoids it.


City Reflection

Director  Vojtěch Polák
Czech Republic
Runtime 35:55
Completion Date: July 31, 2019

High tension is a Czech independent short movie with a zero budget. The movie tells a story about Slavoj who suffers from an electromagnetic anxiety. His arch-enemies are wi-fi and cell phone radiation. They prevent him from living the life fully. His life changes when he meets mysterious Lida on a gathering of a revolutionary group of people fighting against the electromagnetic smog. The electromagnetic anxiety works as a metaphor for environmental issues together with living in a fast pace of technological progress of these days.


High Tension


Director  Gleb Shultz
Russian Federation
Runtime 12:15
Completion Date: June 28, 2019

This film is a dirge for the dead village. Dozens of abandoned houses, hundreds of residents who have left or died. We wanted to capture the feeling arising in the distant abandoned villages and we shot this short meter.


The Bribe.jpg

Director  Alexey Kharitonov
Russian Federation
Runtime 12:17
Completion Date: June 4, 2018

A citizen offers the investigator a bribe to close a case... about bribery. But the events unfold in an unpredictable manner.


The Bribe

Siggy Brat.jpg

Director  Tomáš Svašek
Czech Republic
Runtime 16:45
Completion Date: April 17, 2019

Siggy Brat is a young “songwriter” and a “lost soul” who writes his songs while watching people from the window of his room.
When writing his songs, he falls in love with the beautiful, but equally desperate Valerie from the opposite building, where a strange old man, Mr. Maudit, also lives.
Siggy’s fascination with the fates of these people later becomes fateful for him too.

Siggy Brat

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