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Director Jose Rivera Garcia
United States
Runtime 45:07
Completion Date: October 3, 2019

Two police officers are called to remove a man from blocking an intersection in the country side. What happens next only G-D can make happen at 12:30pm.




Director Amleset Muchie
Runtime 01:23:37
Completion Date: July 8, 2019

Selam, born to a struggling family in a remote village, finds success as an athlete, transforming her own life and changing her family’s future.


Min Alesh?


Director   Albert Monton
Runtime  91 minutes
Completion Date: Oct 2018

In 1964 the Francoism celebrates the "25 years of peace" with a tight control of information through the No-Do. That's when a young man decides to take a 16mm camera and go out to shoot places and people that the regime would never want to show.
Llorenç Soler (Valencia, 1936) is one of the pioneers of independent documentary filmmaking in Spain. He belongs to the generation -and is one of the main protagonists- that during the 1960s began filming independent and alternative documentaries regarding the punitive monopoly exercised by the Francoist state in the media, both in television (TVE) and in informative cinema (NO-DO).


The rabbits' house.jpg

Director  Jon Cortegoso
Runtime   96 minutes
Completion Date: Jul 2019

The Montoneros, like Laura's parents, have gone underground. The Triple A pursues them, so they hide their weapons in hiding places on the roof of each house in which they live. But when the father falls prisoner, the mother dyes her hair bright red and together with Laura, they will live in the rabbit house. There the new printing press of "Evita Montonera" will work.

The rabbits' house


Runtime 87 minutes
Completion Date: 2019 - August

Ruben meets Sofia in a city infested by crime and danger. They fall in love and survive what surrounds them until this criminality separates them through a kidnapping that leaves no trace. The painful search for the missing loved one starts in a world marked by indifference and impunity.




Director RAMESH G
Runtime 01:54:00
Completion Date: October 1, 2019

Adavi revolves around the demolition of powerful forces that have encroached the tribal lands. Between dense trees that do not allow light to pass and amidst the land where even shrubs and grass cant evolve, the developed, powerful civilization has dominated the tribal people enormously. Constructing modern bungalows in tribal regions and denying them, their space and events between them are the core elements of the story.


Gloria In te Domine.jpg

Director Ana Torres
United States
Runtime 01:34:09
Completion Date: August 1, 2019

“Gloria In Te Domine” is based on a true story of a vibrant, young Mexican lesbian searching for acceptance in a culture of intolerance and hate. Ostracized by those whom she loves most, she is finally forced to leave her home and strike out on her own to America. The story follows her search for love and acceptance in a strange country. Will she find what her soul longs for or will Gloria sink into the black shadows of despair?

Gloria In te Domine


Director Rodrigo Areias
Runtime 01:13:19
Completion Date:

In a rural setting, an old man is told his dead wife was seen at the market. Spiteful and sad, he chooses to hide away from the rest of the world. However, his friends insist that he shouldn't listen to hearsay. They say he should try to recover and, who knows, even remarry.

It's a story about the delicateness of old age, of what is still left to dream and love when you reach this life stage and the body weakens. It takes place in an ancient and hidden Portugal that still exists in spite of our efforts of modernization.


Actors of God.jpg

Director Arsalan Baraheni
Runtime 01:52:09
Completion Date: October 7, 2019

Is god an independent filmmaker? Did he make a film with words, frames, lights and sounds? Does the director symbolize the messiah? Are we trapped in the script of god?
Actors of God is an independent film within a film genre. This arthouse Canadian film is a social, poetic and mystical film about the crucifixion of an indie filmmaker within his writing, a beaten up actor in crisis , and an actress in exile.
The film is based on a few facts, fictionalized and is in between reality and illusion, turning filmmaking into a divine process, dealing with cinema and god, exile and migration, spirituality and arts.

Actors of God


Director Marley Lagana
Runtime 01:52:09
Completion Date:  August 20, 2019

Karl was born in a normal family, with no concerns or thoughts on his mind. Until one day everything changed when a tragedy in his family happened, that he had no control on.
After all that catastrophe, his life changed completely, only his grandmother could understand what he was going trough, and she hoped that she was wrong.
But even with his grandmother on his side, Karl was living a life that even himself didn’t know he was living.



Director Sebastián Giovenale
Runtime 1:37:00
Completion Date: Aug 2019

A real story that travels through the life of the creator of the last creole circus In Argentina. Papelito, the name by which Carlos Brighenti has always been known, raised a circus in a tent that he stitched himself with burlap bags. He gathered a few chairs up and together with a handful of artists, set up one of the most beloved and remembered stages that became part of the social life



Director Tomás Pérez Torrella
Runtime 2:32:33
Completion Date: Jul 2019

Portrait of Spain.


The Other Half.jpg

Director Lalith Rathnayake
Sri Lanka
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date: February 13, 2019

In a rural village in Sri Lanka, the family well becomes poisoned by agricultural chemicals. This subsequently leads to the untimely death of Ruwansiri's father who develops chronic kidney disease, leaving his mother works to support the family. At school, he struggles to understand his lessons in a rigid educational system that cannot go beyond rote learning. As an escape from the toxic environment around him, Ruwansiri finds solace in music. Can his passion help him overcome his circumstances?

The Other Half


Director Vladimir Bilenjki
Runtime 01:32:00
Completion Date: May 31, 2019

Deborah visits her teenaged sister, Deanna, at their family cottage in anticipation of their father's arrival late at night. While making up for lost time together, Deborah and Deanna begin to uncover their hidden traumas.



Director Santhosh Mandoor
Runtime 01:42:00
Completion Date: December 31, 2018

The film ‘PANI’ explores the illegal practice of ‘Thalaikoothal’, meaning of existence, desire and death, perceptions and deeds of the world at large.
Thalaikoothal is the traditional practice of senicide (killing of the elderly) or involuntary euthanasia, by their own young family members, observed in some parts of southern districts of Tamil Nadu state of India. The heinous custom of 'Thalaikoothal' which has been prevailing for centuries is still practiced secretly in some villages of Tamil nadu, in the backdrop of mercy killing.
The youth have no respect for the human rights of old people here. But still there is one man, trying to do the right.



Director Michaël MASSIAS
Runtime 01:32:52
Completion Date: January 6, 2019

In the near future

France is in recession for the tenth consecutive year. Record unemployment, social misery and urban violence are part of the daily lot. The morale of the households is at its lowest.

Fortunately, the SAFARI PARK begins its new season.

Produced by TN2 in partnership with the Government, the favorite program of the French is much more than just entertainment, it is a program of public utility: In order to reduce prison overcrowding, randomly selected prisoners are regularly transferred to a reserve of 3000 hectares.


Aurore over time.jpg

Director Hammer Béatrice
Runtime   43:00
Completion Date: Oct 2018

In Aurore’s life, there are her parents, who live in the country by the sea hoping to change their life, Marie, an adorable old lady who lives in the house next to them, and Pierre, an academic who came here for a few months, recovering from a cancer. Aurore is faced with the shame of seeing her parents becoming poor workers and she is persuaded that her mother is having and unfair with Pierre. The teenager locks herself in mutism and loneliness, finding confort only when she studies mathematics. Pierre teaches her how to free herself from other people’s opinion. She can then reconcile with her life, and will help Marie break free of a heavy secret.

Aurore over time

By no means.jpg

Director Aleksandr Korolko
United States
Runtime 01:35:17
Completion Date: March 31, 2019

“By no means” is a drama that follows a family of three. A husband too involved in his job, a wife filled with regret, and a neglected son. Their life thrown into uncertainty when the husband discovers his wife’s affair.

By no means

The Mystery of Godliness.jpg

Director The Church of Almighty God
Republic of Korea
Runtime 03:01:14
Completion Date: March 15, 2016

Lin Bo'en was an elder at a house church in China. During all his years as a believer, he felt honored to suffer for the Lord, and valued the knowledge and attainment of the Lord Jesus Christ above anything else in the world. One fateful day, he went out to preach and heard some shocking news: The Lord Jesus has returned in the flesh, and He is Christ of the last days—Almighty God! Lin Bo'en was puzzled. When the Lord returns, He is supposed to descend with the clouds, so why would He incarnate Himself and do His work in secret? What mysteries were hidden behind God's incarnation? If the Lord has truly returned, why haven't we been raptured? … An intense debate unfolds between Lin Bo'en and his co-workers and the preachers from The Church of Almighty God … Will they finally be able to understand that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus, the appearance of God in the flesh?

The Mystery of Godliness

Easy Does It.jpg

Director Will Addison
United States
Runtime 01:35:00
Completion Date: January 30, 2019

Two small-town buddies and their accidental hostage careen across the 1970s Southwest on a treasure hunt turned crime spree. Easy Does It is a freewheeling road adventure about unlikely friendships and the giddy futility of chasing the American dream.

Easy Does It

Steppe man.jpg

Director Shamil Aliyev
Runtime   01:19:30
Completion Date: September 10, 2012

One steppe man is living far from the cities closely communicating with the nature. His farther teaches him all wisdom of the steppe life. After his farther death he met with the young woman who came from the village. Meeting with her is a new page in his life and a huge step into the big and unfamiliar life ahead...

Steppe man


Director Patrick Merz, Henning Wötzel-Herber
Runtime 01:28:08
Completion Date: May 11, 2019


Origin Bound.jpg

Director David Li
United States
Runtime 01:20:00
Completion Date: May 13, 2019

Based on true events.
Howard Wang, megastar movie actor, has wealth, fame and the attention of fans worldwide. A sudden discovery of late stage lymphoma sends him crashing back to reality. Faced with impending death, Howard decides to fulfill his wish of seeing the outside world on his own terms while blogging his travels for his social media fans. As the countdown to the end continues, fate has more surprises for Howard, as he gains new perspectives of life and reconciles with people from his past.

Origin Bound

After the Church Falls.jpg

Director The Church of Almighty God
United States
Runtime 01:30:04
Completion Date: April 12, 2019

The cross is torn down, the church demolished, leaving weeping among the ruins and broken hearts. Faced with the CCP’s crazed demolition of the church, they are left at a loss. Is praying for the CCP government in line with the Lord’s will? Just as they are feeling adrift, the arrival of Yu Congguang, a member of a house church, dispels the confusion within them and brings the incredible news of the Lord’s coming.

After the Church Falls

A Mother's Love.jpg

Director The Church of Almighty God
Runtime 01:41:15
Completion Date: April 12, 2019

Just like all mothers, Xu Wenhui deeply loves her daughter and drafts a roadmap for her to have a wonderful future, but all of her effort and work push her daughter to the brink of collapse. How could a mother’s love bring her daughter so much pain? What really happens between mother and daughter? And who saves the two of them from their suffering?"

A Mother's Love

The Composer.jpg

Director Alon Newman
Runtime 01:29:00
Completion Date:

Sarah, a scorned Jewish woman, kidnaps Muhamad, her former Arab lover, with the aid of Yonatan, a right-wing radical and Ehud, an outsider, whose life goals are to be accepted by society and find a woman to marry. Each one expects to gain from the kidnapping, until things go unexpectedly wrong…


The Composer

The Stranger.jpg

Director Marc Allen
United States
Runtime 53:16
Completion Date: November 30, 2018

A young girl befriends a homeless man who is in search of the family he lost years ago. Krista sees the good in everybody and has the heart big enough to share the love of God with everyone she meets. Her new friend, a homeless man, seems to have something to share with Krista but doesn’t know how to face the truth. Charity, Krista’s older sister, doesn’t trust this man. Through the love of God, the act of kindness, and faith in forgiveness The Stranger finds what he has been searching for

The Stranger

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