Writer Jean Buschmann
United States
Number of Pages:115

A brazen murder in an affluent community turns everyone into a suspect…even the cop who supposedly solved the case.



Writer Petr Melnikov
Russian Federation
Number of Pages:

Nikita hears how his girlfriend is sleep talking about an eerie murder. Next night she gives more details and he becomes paranoid.


The Listener

Writer Ryan Jaroncyk
United States
Number of Pages: 5

Jesus Christ exorcizes a tortured woman.


The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene

Writer Ryan Jaroncyk
United States
Number of Pages: 5

Jesus Christ exorcizes a tortured woman.


The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene

Writer Duncan Putney
United States
Number of Pages: 6

An old man journey's into the city to meet his university student daughter at a busy cafe and play a game of chess.


The Lesson

Writer Duncan Putney
United States
Number of Pages: 11

Icarus of Normandy

Writer Andrew V Merkulov
Russian Federation
Number of Pages: 125

Two inseparable friends, in a time not so long ago professional shooters, rejected by society and forced into a criminal underworld where they instantly find a suitable application for their skills. Everything starts going wrong when two female students end up involved in their fight. Forced in a twist of fate to protect their new friends, two comrades fall into a maelstrom of events. The only way out for each of them depends not on their skills, but on their personality and views on life.
Following the rules, bearing responsibility, and holding to principles, or improvising, being audacious, and free?

Bad Guys Finish First

Writer Jeremy Minard
United States
Number of Pages: 21

A High school kid with the power of electricity is severely bullied into becoming a villain



Writer David Garrett
United States
Number of Pages: 87

Two stories of betrayal, one ancient, one modern, woven together with same surprise ending. Spartacus meets Black Mirror.


The Josephus Conspiracy

Writer Jeremy Mayer
United States
Number of Pages: 112

Two brothers, two kingdoms, two women, three religions, one God, one war: A War in the Mind of God. This historical drama is set in Andalusia, modern day Portugal and Spain, amid the Reconquista, when Christians and Moslems warred over who would rule. One warrior prince must decide if he will kill in the name of God...and will it cost him the woman he loves and the father who raised him?

A War in the Mind of God

Writer Robert Leo Cox
United States
Number of Pages: 119

Like his father, James is an angry and abusive man, who becomes frustrated and violent when things don't go his way. After losing his temper while in a drunken rage, he strikes his wife Darlene and his son. She calls the police, who arrest him for his abuse and for also pushing an officer and resisting arrest. He is sentenced to prison, but Darlene's Pastor intervenes and has James transferred to a Church-based work farm instead. At first, he is surly and rude, but after a few run-ins with the other inmates, he begins to fit into his new life, but resists the work farm’s religious teachings. When one of the inmates James has befriended commits suicide because of James' harsh words, it sends him into deep despair, and begins a journey of self-discovery and a new-found faith, with the hope of forgiveness from his family.


Writer Dina Chakeyeva
Number of Pages: 91

The district cupid Gopherson is compelled to find Natalia's love in one day, so as not to ruin his wife’s long-awaited vacation.


Fall in love in a day.

Writer Bernhard Riedhammer
Number of Pages: 11

A homeless girl’s life is defined by her troubled past, her daily struggles of survival, and her attachment to a cardboard box.


Cardboard Box

Writer Michael Monteith
United States
Number of Pages: 106

The true story of Kitty Kallen, including her rise from humble origins to most popular U.S. singer, is revealed amid news of her untimely death.


Little Things Mean a Lot

Writer Ricardo Gomez
Number of Pages: 24

Rigo is convinced that the street dog has found is a special one, but after losing it, he goes towards her search, while the puppy is learning about the streets and the unfairness destiny that many dogs face every day.


Writer mike mccarthy
United Kingdom
Number of Pages: 16

A blind British army veteran of the recent wars in the Middle East is waiting for his train. Smartly dressed in a regiment blazer and beret he is making his way to the platform waiting room. He walks into some badly positioned luggage trunks. The luggage belongs to a young Arab refugee. The Arab is engaged in conversation by the irate Ex soldier. Through initially prickly exchanges they come to see each others point of view with a grudging respect and acknowledgement after years of conflict in the Middle East. There have only been losers especially on an individual personal level. They are both broken and it is apparent that the refugee is just as damaged as the ex soldier. Even after a detente and exchange of views the ex-soldier is still vexed when a railway porter helps the Arab refugee with his luggage to the train. The ex-soldier cannot see why


Writer Anna Weinstein
United States
Number of Pages: 119

A day trader, who made and lost a fortune during the late-90s tech bubble, is trying to settle into a more sedate life as an economics professor, but when a former colleague visits, he finds it increasingly difficult to resist the lure of his past passions.

Day Trader

Writer Tali Chais
United States
Number of Pages: 35

Lola is thrown into the underground world of urban witchery and magic. Alongside her trusty chihuahua and a local witch named Petunia, she resolves to bring down an ancient evil known as Stinky Onion Man, AKA The Time Travelling Cannibal.

Petunia's Flowers, Pilot

Writer Edgar Torres
United States
Number of Pages: 26
Genres:Thriller, Drama, Crime

An interpretation of a collapsed man attempting to do the right thing to get his life back on track, doing it in the most sadistic ways possible.


Writer Joe Cline, Eric Martin
United States
Number of Pages: 37

KING ELIZABETH is a serialized half-hour comedy that follows one man's incredible rise to the most unlikely of positions: the Queen of England.



Writer Ronny Jay
United States
Number of Pages: 103

A young Hasidic Jewish boy falls in love with one of the star male wrestlers at the local public high school and must choose between his faith and his feelings.



Writer Tommy Britt
United States
Number of Pages: 19
Genres:Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Comedy

A woman lost in a lifeless marriage gets a second chance to pursue her dreams when her boorish husband creates a double of himself in a physics experiment.


A Second Husband

Writer Tommy Britt
United States
Number of Pages: 13
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A recent retiree tries to stop his elderly mother from being a hoarder but starts to suspect there might be some greater design to her habit.


Prepare the Way

Writer B K
United States
Number of Pages: 88

Made In America is about a real girl named Rikki Rivera whose life parallels the inception of the notorious MS13. From having a father who fought as a guerrilla soldier in El Salvador's civil war, her challenging escape with her mother into America and growing up on the violent streets of East LA as an active gang member, Rikki was exposed to much but somehow managed to never allow her integrity to be compromised - even when facing perilous conditions. In the end she becomes pregnant and is forced to emulate the path of her past to escape the treacherous world she inherited in order to rescue her unborn child from the chains of a similar fate.

Made In America

Writer Sarah Katz
United States
Number of Pages: 23

What if the figure known as Moses was actually an Egyptian princess?

The Sun Cipher

Writer Marc Allen
United States
Number of Pages: 73
Genres:  Faith Based

Erica knows that her school is full of wounded people. She's put together a plan to turn things around but one person stands in her way. She'll do what she has to in order to stand up for what she believes in. Her faith guides them all to the truth.

Open Wounds

Writer Jacqueline Wright
United States
Number of Pages: 58
Genres:  Action, drama

Betrayed by her government, a timid Navy linguist assembles a crack-team of fellow disgruntled veterans and uses an anonymous “Kickstarter” to crowd-source global hostage rescue missions.


Brother's Keeper

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